Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 232


No, it’s Gigolo!

He was wearing a mysterious half mask and dressed in a black leisure suit. With four subordinates behind him, he walked towards the right side of the corridor.

Despite not knowing the names of the four men, Charlotte was certain that they were Zachary’s men.

He must be Gigolo. He must be…

Overwhelmed by a sudden rush of emotions, Charlotte wanted to question him. But suddenly, a hand grabbed her on the shoulder and dragged her forcefully into one of the rooms.

“Let me go!” Charlotte struggled vehemently.

Luna motioned to her bodyguards who then released Charlotte before standing guard at the door.

“What do you want?” Charlotte glared at Luna coldly.

“Release my parents first.”

Luna had likely not slept for days as her eyebags looked heavy. She seemed to be in a daze and was extremely exhausted.

“I didn’t take them…”

“Drop the act.” Luna slammed the wine glass she was holding onto the floor, smashing it into pieces. “If not for you, would Zachary even capture them?”

“Since you know it was Zachary that took them,” Charlotte asserted coldly, “why don’t you ask him instead of me?”

“Are you still trying to play games with me?”

Luna took out her phone and made a call.

The heavy metal music that was being played in Sultry Night came to a sudden stop.

The next moment, Ellie’s squeaky voice was heard shouting, “Robbie! Jamie! Wait for me!”

“Ellie! Quick!” Jamie could be heard yelling back.

“Ellie, slow down or you’ll fall.” It was followed by Robbie’s voice.

Charlotte widened her eyes in shock and frantically tried to stop her. “What are you doing? Stop it.”

“This is just the prelude.” Luna gloated as she waved her phone. “I’ve spent ten million to pay off Sultry Night’s DJ to connect my phone to their broadcasting system! I found out that Zachary has forbidden all media companies from publishing any news related to you. I can’t do anything to you online, but I don’t think Zachary can help you here, can he?”

The Sultry Night has thousands of patrons a night. If everyone present saw the news about you, wouldn’t it be exciting? Don’t you think?”

“You…” Charlotte was trembling in anger.

“I still have a lot of clips.” Luna showed Charlotte her screen as she scrolled through it confidently. “I even found videos of you and the children participating in the kindergarten activities. Do you want me to play them?”

Just as she spoke, she prepared to play the videos.

“Wait.” Charlotte compromised immediately. “Turn it off. I’ll call Zachary and have him release your parents.”

“That’s a good girl.” Luna exited from the broadcasting page and motioned Charlotte to go ahead.

Charlotte frantically gave Zachary a call.

“Put it on speaker,” Luna ordered.

Charlotte did as she was told.

Just a minute ago, in another private room.

Zachary was in a midst of a discussion when he was jolted by the children’s voices. Looking up, he looked outside with squinted eyes as if something had occurred to him.

Where have I heard those names before?


Suddenly, his phone rang.

When he saw who it was, he took leave from his secretive guest and answered the call by a corner. “Hello!”

“Mr. Nacht, I’m begging you. Please let Uncle Simon and Aunt Amanda go.”

Charlotte’s voice was trembling.

Zachary knew at once that she was being threatened. Furthermore, he surmised that she was also at Sultry Night as he could hear the faint background music through the phone.”

“Alright!” Zachary readily agreed while signaling his men.

Ben understood immediately and quickly led two men out to deal with the situation.

“Tell Luna to pick them up at Sultry Night,” Zachary replied.

“Huh?” Before Charlotte knew what was going on, Zachary had ended the call.

Charlotte began to feel anxious. Does he actually know that I’m at Sultry Night?

“What does he mean? Don’t tell me my parents are being held here too?” Luna remarked.

Charlotte lamented in her heart on Luna’s behalf. You’re dumber than me!

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