Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 309

Charlotte disregarded the pacifying as she wept even harder. She turned to look at the family picture that hung on the wall. “Fifi, where do you think Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie have gone? Have they been kidnapped by the bad guys?”

“Bad guys, bad guys…” Fifi repeated the two words.

Charlotte suddenly thought of Zachary. Could it be him that took away the kids?

The words that I said before leaving the Nachts’ residence… had it angered him?

And just because of that, he would take away my kids?

No way…

The shrill ringing of her phone broke the peace in the house. Charlotte leapt to her feet and rushed into her room immediately. In her haste, she accidentally knocked her waist against the wall, and it was so painful that it felt as if her bones had broken, but she resisted the pain and rushed to grab her phone from the bed.

The phone call was from Zachary.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Where are you?” Zachary asked.

“Zachary, have you kidnapped my kids?” Charlotte questioned him hysterically.

“What nonsense is this?” Zachary replied coldly. “Why would I kidnap your kids?”

Charlotte froze up at his reply before she quickly came back to her senses. “No, it’s nothing.”

She knew that although Zachary had a brutal nature, he was a man that would not play dirty tricks. Such was his strong and honest character.

To be frank, he looked upon such trickeries with disdain.

If he was the one that had taken her kids, he would have admitted it before she even asked.

Since he was so stunned by her question, it further proved that he did not kidnap her kids.

“What happened?” Zachary pressed on.

“Nothing, I’m hanging up first…”

Charlotte was in no mood to bother him anymore as she felt both irritated and frustrated at the same time. Without another word, she ended the call abruptly.

On the other end of the phone, Zachary was in disbelief that Charlotte dared to hang up.

His brows furrowed as he recalled her earlier words…

“Mr. Nacht…” Ben saw the way Zachary’s face clouded over with anger when Charlotte hung up, and he cautiously opened his mouth to pacify him, “Raina told me earlier that Mrs. Berry has fallen sick. Charlotte is now at the hospital. Maybe she’s too worried about Mrs. Berry.”

“Is that any of my business?” Zachary snapped back coldly. “Am I the one that made Mrs. Berry sick?”

“No, what I meant…”

“Just shut up!” Zachary shot him a glare as he grabbed his car keys and prepared to head out.

“Zachary, where are you going?” Sharon was just about to enter his villa when he stormed out. “I’m planning to cook these king crabs that I bought earlier. We should have dinner together tonight!”

Zachary left without sparing a glance at her. “I’m busy.”

“Zachary, Zachary…” Sharon called out a few times in desperation.

Seeing that Zachary ignored her, Sharon was so angry that she stomped her feet in frustration. She’d spent so much time and effort to win him over, but he treated her existence like nothing.

When she came back the other day, his attitude was relatively warm. But after that, he had become more and more distant.

All of this was because of that wench Charlotte!

Whenever Sharon thought of that woman, she would grit her teeth in fury.

However, she wouldn’t be discouraged so easily. At least I still had Grandpa Nacht’s support!

“Ms. Blackwood, what should I do with these crabs?” An attendant asked carefully.

“You guys can have it yourself,” Sharon said brusquely as she called up Grandpa Nacht. Immediately, her voice transformed into a softer and more demure tone. “Grandpa, I cooked your favorite vegetarian foods. We should have dinner together.”

“I’m at the hospital. You don’t need to make such an effort.” old Mr. Nacht replied.

“What? You’re in the hospital?” Sharon gasped in shock. “What happened? Are you feeling unwell?”

“No, my driver knocked into a little kid by accident. I’m handling matters in the hospital right now.” He glanced at his watch. “If you hadn’t mentioned it earlier, I would have forgotten the time. It’s almost eight now. How about you send the food over to the Serene Hospital?”

“Alright, I’ll start preparing.”

Sharon ended the call and called her maids into the kitchen. She even dismissed the existing cook of the Nachts’ residence.

Once the kitchen door was closed shut, Sharon stood aside whilst she fiddled with her phone. “Hurry up. Grandpa Nacht is waiting for the food.” She urged them.

“Yes Miss.”

“Later on, you’ll have to say that I made the food, alright?”

“Yes, understood!”

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