Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 310

Robbie stood waiting in front of the emergency room. His small frame showed clear signs of anxiety and exhaustion.

“Are you hungry?” Old Mr. Nacht gave him a hamburger along with a cup of juice. “It will take some time before the nutritious food that I ordered arrives. You should eat this to fill up your stomach first.”

“It’s alright, thank you.”

Robbie looked longingly at the hamburger, and a loud growl came out of his belly. Immediately, his face flushed red at the embarrassing sound.

How could he not be hungry? In the past, he would have a small snack when he arrived home at three-thirty before having dinner at six.

But today, there were no snacks. He hadn’t even managed to drink a sip of water, let alone have dinner.

Right now, his entire body was worn out. Robbie’s face was a sickly shade of white, and his lips looked extremely dry. Occasionally, he would dart out his little tongue to wet his cracked lips.

“Eat up.” Old Mr. Nacht split the burger in two before he handed over a half to Robbie. “I can’t finish such a big burger alone, so why don’t you help me out? I’m sure your teachers have taught you that a good kid should always help others.”

“Alright,” Robbie accepted the burger with reluctance. “Elderly people should eat less. It would be hard for you to digest later on.” He said coolly.

“That’s right,” Spencer said with a laugh. “Quick, eat it.”

“You should eat first, I have to look for my sister.”

Robbie swallowed his saliva as he looked wistfully at the burger. But he did not take even a single bite of it. Instead, he cradled the burger carefully and headed towards the elevator.

Old Mr. Nacht was filled with curiosity when he saw his actions and decided to follow Robbie secretly…

The first thing that Robbie did when he arrived downstairs was to ask the nearby nurse for a plastic cup. After he received the cup of warm water, he walked over to Ellie’s room.

When he arrived, Ellie was fast asleep on the bed with a nurse keeping her company by her bedside.

“Ellie!” Robbie called out softly, but she barely stirred as she was still in a deep slumber.

Unwilling to wake her up, Robbie handed over the cup of warm water and the hamburger to the nurse. “Miss, could you please give these to my sister when she awakes?” He asked softly.

Outside the room, old Mr. Nacht couldn’t help but feel touched at the scene before him. Robbie had kept the hamburger, especially for his little sister.

“Did you buy this for your sister?” The nurse took the food from him curiously, “Little kid, you’re only three, but you know how to take such good care of your sister. You really are a good child!”

“I am her elder brother. It’s my responsibility to take care of my siblings,” Robbie said determinedly as he lifted his chest with pride. “Miss, how is my sister? Is her condition serious?”

“Not at all!” The nurse squatted down. “Relax, your sister will be fine. It’s only a tonsil inflammation. Once she gets her medication and drinks tons of water, a little rest is all she needs to be fully cured.” She said warmly to Robbie.

“My mommy said that patients with tonsil inflammation need to eat more light stuff, drink more water, and eat oatmeal…” Robbie turned to Ellie with a gaze full of guilt. “But I can’t reach my mommy or Mrs. Berry, and I don’t have any money to buy Ellie oatmeal. She will starve if she doesn’t have anything to eat tonight.”

“Oh…” The nurse was so touched by Robbie’s words that tears began to well up in her eyes. “Don’t worry! I will make sure to take good care of your sister. I can order some oatmeal over later, and once your sister is awake, I’ll make sure to feed her.” She reassured him hurriedly and placed her arm over his shoulder.

“Thank you, Miss.” Robbie bowed deeply and reached into his bag to pull out a storybook. “I will leave this here as a mortgage. Once mommy is back, she will repay you for the oatmeal.”

Old Mr. Nacht felt his own eyes redden from the sight. The hand that gripped his cane wavered slightly.

Robbie’s actions undoubtedly warmed the deepest parts of his heart. Never would he have thought that a three-year-old kid like him willingly carried such a heavy burden and had such a deep sense of gratitude. What an excellent child!

“It’s alright…” The nurse tried to decline his offer.

“Please take it!” Robbie said determinedly.

The nurse was forced to keep his book temporarily upon his insistence. She quickly returned the burger to him. “Your sister cannot eat the burger or drink the juice. You should eat it first. You haven’t eaten dinner yet, right?”

“Yeah…” Robbie accepted the burger and gulped, but he made no move to eat it. Instead, he wrapped the burger delicately before he placed it safely in his school bag. “Once Jamie is awake, he can eat it.”

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