Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 329

In the hospital.

Jamie had come to. He leaned back on the bed as the nurse fed him some nutritional oatmeal.

Robbie and Ellie were there as well sharing in the meal.

Robbie would use a napkin to wipe at Jamie’s lips from time to time. “How are you feeling, Jamie? Does it hurt?”

“A little bit, but it’s alright.” Jamie tightened a fist and flexed his arm. “Real martial artists can take a beating.”

“Put down your arm! It is still all wrapped up,” Robbie commanded with the authority of an older brother.

“That’s right, Jamie. You’re not well, so you’ll have to be careful!”

Ellie put on a frown as she, too, got in on the act of disciplining Jamie.

“Alright, alright,” Jamie replied with a pout as he continued to have his food. He then turned to the youthful nurse. “You’re really cute, Miss. Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Oh my!” The young woman could not keep herself from cracking up. “Not yet. Are you going to introduce someone to me?”

“What do you think about me?” Jamie’s brows danced as he smiled roguishly.

“Hahaha…” The nurse was quite tickled, as were the few doctors who were also in the vicinity.

“What’s so amusing?”

Old Mr. Nacht’s voice was accompanied by the sound of his crutch and footsteps.

He was helped along by Spencer. Standing behind them were the medical superintendent, two pediatricians, and a few bodyguards.

“Hello, Grandpa Nacht!” Robbie and Ellie chirped in greeting.

“Is this that Grandpa who knocked me down?” Jamie tilted his head to scrutinize old Mr. Nacht. “You look so kind. Not like a bad guy at all.”

“Hahaha…” The old man laughed heartily. “Of course I’m not. Otherwise, I wouldn’t visit you!”

“Oh, then I suppose you didn’t do it on purpose.” Jamie licked the oats off the corner of his lips as he analyzed with earnestness. “I guess I’ll forgive you for that.”

“Thank you for being so magnanimous!”

The elderly gentleman smiled as he looked at Jamie. The boy resembled the older brother Robbie to a tee, but the two had completely different personalities.

Robbie was similar to Zachary in temperament—rigorous and imbued with wisdom and reason.

As for Jamie, he was more like the innocent and carefree Zachary before the tragedy that befell the Nachts. Or to be exact, he was the kid that Zachary wished he could be.

Ellie was like a hallow—the better angel of Zachary’s nature that the old man wished to preserve.

Although the three children were vastly different in their own unique merits, every one of them appealed to him equally in their own ways.

“You are welcome. From now on, we are family.” Jamie appeared generous and even offered the elderly man a shrimp dumpling. “Good things are better when shared. This is for you, Grandpa!”

“Haha, thank you!” Old Mr. Nacht did not mind the boy’s oily hand at all as he received the dumpling. He was contemplative as he ate. “My grandson used to enjoy these dumplings when he was younger, but not anymore.”

“Why?” the children asked.

“It’s nothing…” The old man smiled as he tried to change the subject. “So how is it? Did you manage to reach your mother?”

“Not yet…” Robbie’s little face dimmed as he lowered his head.

Ellie pursed her lips and tears started to pour when she heard that. “Mommy didn’t come to look for us. I think she doesn’t want us anymore.”

The misery in her childlike voice instantly tugged at the heartstrings of those around her.

“There, there. Don’t cry.”

Old Mr. Nacht fretted at the sight of the tearful child and immediately pulled out his own handkerchief to wipe at her eyes. “I’m here for you, aren’t I? I’ll take good care of all of you.”

“Come here, Ellie.” Robbie embraced his younger sister and tried to put on a brave face for her sake. “Mommy wouldn’t abandon us. She must be away at work, as you know she has a nasty boss who’s always making her work overtime.”

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