Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 332

Meanwhile, Michael and Charlotte had arrived at the Garden Villa—old Mr. Nacht’s residence in the northern suburbs.

Michael alighted to request an audience with the master of the house but was told by the bodyguard that he had gone out early and had not mentioned when he might return.

The guard offered no opposition when Michael said he would like to wait outside the gates.

When the man returned to the car, Charlotte asked, “How did it go?”

“Mr. Nacht’s away, but I plan to stay here and wait. Shall I have someone send you back first?”

“I won’t be able to settle myself down if I were to go back without them.” Charlotte sounded disconsolate. “Michael, I’ve left my phone at home. I’d like to go back to get it. It’ll be terrible if I were to miss any of their calls.”

“Very well. In that case, I’ll go with you.” Michael then had his chauffeur drove them to her place.


At the hospital, old Mr. Nacht met with Zachary at the medical superintendent’s office. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I not come?” Zachary appeared frustrated. “Your chauffeur drove my car over someone and their parents called the police on me.”

“The children’s parents called the police?” The old man was astonished. “Where are they? I have been trying to get in touch with them.”

“Let me handle this, just in case.” Zachary tried to look for an excuse.

“Let you handle what?” Old Mr. Nacht flatly refused. “Those children and I have a connection. I will be assuming responsibility for them as I swore to protect them.”

“No matter what you do, you’re neither their father nor mother,” Zachary posited. “We have to return them eventually.”

“You may be right about that,” the old man concurred after some thought. “Why don’t we do it this way. You bring the parents here so that I could apologize to them and discuss the terms of compensation before I hand the children over personally.”

“The car involved is registered under my name and I’m the one the traffic police department contacted. If someone is trying to stir up controversy, I’ll be the one in trouble. Surely you don’t want me to get implicated, do you?”

Old Mr. Nacht found his logic hard to refute. “How do you intend to handle this?”

“We’ll return the children, offer compensation, and try to keep everything low-key,” Zachary said in all seriousness. “I’ve checked in with the hospital. The kid’s fine, so it’ll be a trivial matter. They won’t be looking to pursue it further.”

“I see.” The old man nodded. “These three children are adorable and I quite like them. Be sure to do your best to satisfy their parent’s demands. Am I clear?”

“Understood. I will.” Zachary nodded before he turned to Ben. “Send Mr. Nacht home!”

“Yes, sir.”

“One moment. I want to say goodbye to them.”

Old Mr. Nacht issued instructions to Spencer while he made his way back to the ward with the aid of his crutch.

“Bring over the presents I’ve got for them, and the smartwatches as well. Save my number into them so they could reach me at any time.”

“Right away.” Spencer nodded in acknowledgement.

“What’s he thinking?” Zachary frowned when he regarded the old man from behind. “Giving them presents and leaving his number? Does he think he’s reacquainting with long-lost relatives?”

“I’ve heard from Spencer that old Mr. Nacht is very fond of the children, and had been spending time in the hospital with them himself over the past few days,” Ben said cautiously. “Mr. Nacht, I think he’s quite serious about them, so they’re untouchable!”

“They’re not family.” The very thought of it made Zachary’s blood boil. “Compared to them, who’s closer to him?”

“You, of course. But…”

“Then shut your mouth and just do as you’ve been told,” Zachary said.


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