Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 347

Charlotte’s eyes shone. She was about to lie when Mrs. Berry agitatedly continued, “It really was him. That a******. Karma will get him!”

“No, you got it wrong…” Charlotte tried to explain.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Berry’s face was red with anger. “You’re never one to lie. One look and I know exactly what happened.”

“It was him, but he didn’t hit me. He hit someone else and I stood in his way. Which is why…”

“So it was him? The next time I see him, I’ll be sure to teach him a lesson,” said Mrs. Berry with frustration.

“You can’t. He’s the Devil. It was dangerous enough when you hit him with the broom. If you try something like that again…” Charlotte rushed to advise her against it.

“So? It’s not like he’ll kill me. At the very most, I’ll sacrifice my life fighting it out with him,” said Mrs. Berry fearlessly.

“He might not kill you, but he could punish me.” Charlotte threw out her trump card.

“What? Fine, then. I won’t go after him.” Mrs. Berry immediately calmed down.

She pulled Charlotte’s hand and anxiously urged her, “Miss, let’s stay away from him. We don’t need his house, the people he hired, or his hospital. Let’s go to Mr. Brown instead.”

“Didn’t you see how he beat up Michael? Michael is no match for him.” Charlotte furrowed her brows tightly.

“Not even Mr. Brown can fight him? Is the bad man that powerful?” Mrs. Berry’s eyes widened in terror.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild.” Charlotte tried another method of comforting her. “He’s not so bad. He has saved me many times. If not for him, I would have lost my life long ago…”

“Really? When?” Mrs. Berry was astonished.

“Those times…”

Charlotte recounted those times where she was in danger, when the house exploded, when she was attacked, and how it was Zachary that saved her each time.

Mrs. Berry was absolutely appalled.

Finally, Charlotte added, “He’s not a bad person. He just has a bad temper. So, let’s not poke the bear.”

“Fine, I understand….” Mrs. Berry sighed. “I really hope we can return to those quiet days. Although we were poor and times were hard, life was stable. Nothing much happened. With all that happened recently, I’m always on my guard.”

“It won’t happen in the future. You can relax.” Charlotte made a silent resolution.

“Miss, promise me you’ll be okay.” Mrs. Berry grabbed Charlotte and choked out, “Before Mr. Windt’s incident, he hoped that you would be safe and happy. Nothing else matters!”

“Yes, I know. We all have to be okay. You need to cooperate with treatment and get better soon so you can help me take care of the children!”


In the afternoon, Raina brought Mrs. Berry back to the hospital. Dr. Howard and the three attendants took care of the children while Charlotte took a short rest.

The kindergarten principal called to ask Charlotte if the three children needed to take a leave of absence.

Charlotte asked the children what they thought, and they decided to return to the kindergarten the next day. Dr. Howard and the three attendants would accompany them the entire way.

Jamie enjoyed crowds and found it suffocating to be at home.

All Ellie wanted was to go out to play. Although Robbie could be calm, he wanted to go to the kindergarten to learn.

Life was finally at ease. The next day was Monday, and Charlotte also decided to return to the office to work.

She was determined not to go against any of Zachary’s requests.

As long as I don’t cross him, our family will have a good life…

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