Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 348

That day, Zachary kept one eye on his phone, waiting for Charlotte to call.

But she never did.

At night, Raina came over to give her report. She kindly said, “Ms. Windt’s waist injury is much better. She should recover soon. By the way, I sent her a message in the afternoon, and she said that she’s going back to work tomorrow.”

“Okay. What else did she say?” Zachary asked casually.

What he really wanted to ask was if she mentioned him.

“She… She also said that your arrangement is very thoughtful…” Raina gingerly lied. “You even arranged accommodations for the doctor and attendants which allow them to take care of the children. She said you solved a huge problem for her and she’s very thankful…”

“You’re getting bolder these days. How dare you lie to me?” Zachary cut her off and glared at her menacingly.

“Please forgive me, Mr. Nacht,” Raina hung her head and apologized.

Zachary knitted his brow. So it really was a lie. That ungrateful wretch. She has no concept of being thankful.

“Go.” Zachary lowered his gaze and continued sipping his alcohol.

“Yes.” Raina bowed and was about to back out of the room when she came face to face with old Mr. Nacht. She quickly lowered her head again and greeted, “Nice to see you, old Mr. Nacht!”

“Yes. Has the matter been resolved?” Old Mr. Nacht took a seat on the sofa opposite Zachary.

“What matter?” Zachary asked without thinking. When realization hit him, he said, “Oh, it’s settled!”

“Good.” Old Mr. Nacht nodded. “Divine Corporation is growing by the day. You need to take note of public opinion. I hope my incident didn’t cause you too much bad press.”

“No, it’s fine.” Zachary looked at how he was dressed to the nines. “You’re dressed up. Do you have a date with some old woman?” Zachary teased.

“Stop it. How dare you tease me, you brat!” Old Mr. Nacht whacked Zachary with his crutch.

“Hehe…” Zachary chuckled. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see my three grandchildren.” Old Mr. Nacht’s face immediately brightened at the thought of the three children. “I just called them and asked them out for a meal.”

Zachary frowned. “Are you serious? You’ve only known them for a few days. Why are you treating them like your actual great-grandchildren?”

“Those three children are fated with me. From the moment I set eyes on them, I felt a sense of closeness. Moreover, they look a little like you. You share similar personalities as well, especially with Robbie…” Old Mr. Nacht chuckled.

“Stop! Those three rug rats…” Zachary snapped with displeasure.

He hurriedly added, “Don’t set them so close to me. I’m not the kind of person to sleep around!”

“I know you’re careful in that area. Otherwise, I might suspect that they’re actually your children!” old Mr. Nacht sighed as he rolled his eyes.

“I used to always be on your case and forbade you from gallivanting out there. Now that I see these three children, I very much hope that you’ll gallivant. You only have to do it at least once.”

“Have you gone senile? What nonsense are you spouting?” Zachary’s face grew solemn.

“Fine, fine. I’m done wasting my breath on you.” Old Mr. Nacht rose to his feet and started to walk out. “You’re just a boring stick in the mud. I’m off to see my grandchildren. They’re too cute!”

Zachary was speechless. He did not expect that old Mr. Nacht would become so close to Michael’s children. Somehow, it did not sit well with him. He took big gulps from his glass.

“Mr. Nacht. Will old Mr. Nacht realize who those three children are? Should we give Ms. Windt a head’s up?” Ben whispered his suggestion.

“She has a brain of her own. Can’t she think for herself?” Zachary snapped.


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