Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 354

“Yeah? Didn’t you say you wanted to teach me a lesson?” Henry cocked his eyebrow coldly.

“No! I wouldn’t dare to… “ Julia apologized immediately, “Please forgive me for being ignorant…”

“How did it go? Have you found out?” Completely ignoring Julia, Henry turned to speak to Spencer.

“Yup. She’s Julia Sterling from the Sterling Group,” Spencer bowed and reported his findings.

“The Sterling Group is already a wreck. I can’t believe she’s still acting so arrogantly,” Henry scorned before giving his orders. “You should know what to do.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Spencer nodded.

“No… Please don’t…” Julia was so scared that her knees almost gave way, causing her to nearly fall to the ground.

Two of her bodyguards immediately stepped forward to support her while the woman cried, “Mr. Nacht, please have mercy on us Sterlings. It’s all my fault. You can punish me however you wish, and I’m willing to accept it…”

“She’s so noisy,” Henry commented with a frown.

Spencer gestured to the Nacht family’s bodyguards, who took Julia away at once.

Quiet and peace ensued once again after the woman was gone.

At the same time, Jamie and Ellie were utterly gobsmacked and were still stunned after a long while.

As for Robbie, he had watched the entire scene unfold calmly with a twinkle in his eye.

“What’s wrong, my darlings? Did Mr. Henry scare you?” Henry squatted down to comfort the kids.

“Nope. Mr. Henry is protecting us,” Jamie quickly regained his composure and replied excitedly. “Mr. Henry, are you a king? Why is that fierce grandma so afraid of you?”

“Hahaha…” Henry laughed. “Mr. Henry isn’t a king, but if Jamie likes it, Mr. Henry can buy an island and become the king of that island. That way, Jamie would become the prince of that island.”

“Really? Hooray!” Jamie almost jumped up in excitement.

“Yay! Then I’ll be the princess of that island!” Ellie raised her chubby hands and continued, “I wanna live in a castle and ride on a white horse!”

“Hahaha! Not a problem!” Henry laughed heartily and turned around to look at Robbie. “Robbie, how about you? What do you want?”

“I want to have ultimate power,” Robbie said faintly as he stared towards the direction of the entrance. “I want to be like Mr. Henry and be respected by people everywhere I go. I also want to be feared by the bad guys so that I can protect Mommy and my siblings!”

“Good boy!” Henry was thrilled to hear that and embraced the boy. “You’re such a promising kid!”

At that moment, Henry was extremely emotional, and a mixture of feelings surged within his heart. “Do you know that someone had said the same words to me before?”

“Really? Who’s that?” Robbie asked curiously.

“My grandson.” Henry was overcome with emotions as he said that. “He told me that when he was just five years old. I was so excited then, thinking that the future of our Nacht family would be in good hands!”

Henry tousled Robbie’s hair and let out a sigh. “How wonderful would it be if the three of you are truly the heirs of our Nacht family.”

“What heirs?” Jamie was not focused on listening to Henry as he was just looking forward to playing. “Mr. Henry, I wanna go over there and play.”

“I saw ice-cream. I wanna have some ice-cream… “

Ellie lifted the hem of her dress slightly and sprinted off with two bodyguards chasing after her.

“Ellie, wait for me!” Jamie yelled after his sister while one bodyguard pushed his wheelchair.

In the meantime, Robbie was the only one who was listening to Henry and asked in confusion, “Mr. Henry, is your eldest grandson infertile?”

“Pfft! Ahem! Ahem!” Henry was amused at the child’s question and did not know how to respond.

No matter how smart Robbie was, he was still a kid and did not fully understand the concept of blood relations. He simply thought that Henry’s eldest grandson was unable to bear children, and that was why the old man was envious of others.

It’s so pitiful that Mr. Henry’s eldest grandson is unable to have kids. No wonder that man has such a weird temper.

“It’s OK. The three of us will be your grandchildren from now onward,” Robbie said in an attempt to comfort Henry. “Mr. Henry, let’s go in together. I saw lots of delicious snacks.”

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