Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 355

Ellie saw Timothy the moment she stepped into Fairytale Land’s playground.

The boy was sitting alone in a corner and appeared to be in a daze. The usual spark in his eyes and his air of arrogance were nowhere to be seen. He even seemed a little depressed.

Ellie hesitated for a while before walking over with her ice cream and said, “Timothy, here’s an ice cream for you!”

Timothy looked up, and his eyes lit up when he saw Ellie. “Elisa!”

“Quick, take it! The ice cream is melting.”

When Ellie was passing the ice cream to Timothy, she accidentally touched Timothy’s nose with it, smearing it on the tip of his nose.

After Timothy took over the ice cream, he could feel something cold on the tip of his nose and looked down.

Ellie was tickled by the boy’s actions and started giggling.

“Hehe!” Timothy let out an embarrassed smile before started laughing uncontrollably too.

When the other kids saw them laughing, all of them started laughing as well, as if laughter was contagious.

Instantly, the laughter of children could be heard from the playground. The innocence and wonders of childhood perfectly encapsulated the essence of Fairytale Land.

When Henry walked in with Robbie, he couldn’t help but start laughing as well when he heard the joyful laughter of those kids.

“Mr. Henry, that’s Timothy,” Robbie pointed to Timothy and looked up at Henry while saying in a serious tone, “Can we let him stay here? Even though his mommy and grandmas are very fierce and disrespectful, Timothy is not a bad child.”

“Sure.” Henry was very glad to hear that. “Good boy, Robbie. You’re so kind-hearted!”

The reason Henry had so much affection towards the three children was not only because they were adorable, sensible, and polite but also because of their pure and kind hearts.

“Thank you, Mr. Henry.” Robbie heaved a sigh of relief after getting Henry’s permission.

“Go ahead and play with the other kids!” Henry stroked the boy’s head lovingly and said, “Mr. Henry really enjoys watching you kids have fun!”

“Okay, I’ll go join them then.” Robbie joined the other kids at once and started playing with Jamie.

“As you wish, I’ve already instructed them to provide free admission to polite and well-behaved children,” Spencer walked over and reported to Henry.

“Well done.” While watching the kids, Henry couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s so good to be in the presence of children. It’s as if the world was no longer complicated and filled with innocence once again!”

“Indeed. It’s so contagious even I can feel the joy with the kids around,” Spencer smiled and agreed. “Those three little ones are growing on me too.”

“Of course! They are my grandchildren.” Henry rolled his eyes at his butler.

“Haha…” Spencer let out a laugh and hesitated to speak further.

“What is it that you want to say? Tell me.” Henry shot him a glance.

“Well, I feel that the kids’ mom has been avoiding you deliberately,” Spencer lowered his voice and said. “They didn’t even invite you inside the house when we were already outside just now. And when I wanted to bring the gifts in, Robbie stopped me immediately… It just seems… a little too intentional.”

“Robbie had already said that his mom wasn’t feeling well.” Henry was very understanding. “After interacting with them for the past few days, I am pretty sure that they only have their mommy and housekeeper. They don’t have a dad. Think about it – it’s just been those two women with the three kids all this while. Thus, it’s normal that they are not used to men entering the house.”

“True.” Spencer nodded.

“I don’t think those kids will play any tricks.” Henry looked at Robbie lovingly and said, “My grandson is just too sensible, so much that my heart aches for him.”

“Mr. Zachary was like that when he was at that age too,” Spencer said as he recalled how Zachary was like when he was young. “By the looks of it, Robbie and Jamie do resemble Mr. Zachary, especially Robbie. Even his personality is very similar to that of Mr. Zachary’s.”

“If that brat has three kids like them, I’ll be laughing even in my dreams.” Henry could feel anger rising in him at the mention of Zachary. “He only knows how to make me angry. I’ve waited so long for him to start dating, but he ended up falling for such a dubious woman. He must be blind!”

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