Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 356

Meanwhile, at the Nachts’ residence, Zachary just sneezed twice. He could sense that someone was talking behind his back.

Could it be that damned woman Charlotte?

Zachary frowned as he thought about that possibility.

“Mr. Nacht, we’ve just gotten news that your grandpa has given orders to boycott the Sterlings,” Ben reported.

“He’s already almost a hundred years old. Why is he still so hot-tempered?” Zachary cocked his brows and asked, “How did the Sterling family offend him?”

“I heard that Hector Sterling’s mom, Julia, behaved arrogantly at the Fairytale Land restaurant and offended Mr. Nacht.” After Ben narrated what had happened to Zachary, he added at the end of it, “Mr. Nacht had declared free admission to the Fairytale Land restaurant from now on. Previously it was 666 for an adult and child pair, but now it’s free for everyone.”

“Goodness gracious! How childish can he get!” Zachary was speechless when he heard that. “He’s already so old and still acting like a child!”

“Well, that’s no surprise since they’re no different.” Ben laughed and continued, “I heard from Spencer that ever since Mr. Nacht got acquainted with those three kids, he has started laughing more and is always in a good mood. It’s a good thing, isn’t it?”

“Good?” Zachary stared at Ben coldly and said, “Do you really think it’s good that my grandpa is so close to Michael Brown’s children?”

“No, no. That’s not what I meant… “ Ben immediately slapped his mouth and took back his words. “I’m sorry. I’ll take back what I said!”

Zachary’s expression darkened, and he downed the entire glass of wine before standing up abruptly. “Get the car ready.”

“Yes, right away!”

Meanwhile, Charlotte had just gotten off the cab. She pulled down her cap and made sure that her mask and sunglasses were worn properly before she walked sneakily into Fairytale Land.

To her surprise, there were a lot of excited parents and children queuing up at the entrance.

Is there some kind of promotion today? The admission fee to this place isn’t cheap, so why are there so many people here?

Charlotte wondered for a while before entering and realized that there were a lot of parents sitting in the rest area. They were all engrossed in conversations with each other while having snacks and drinks. Most of their conversations revolved around the same topic…

“The admission fee here used to be 666 for one adult and one child. Given how expensive it was, I could only bring my child here once a month. Now that it’s free and with the free flow of food, I’m going to come here every day. Hahaha…”

“We’re so lucky to be around this area today. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come across such a great deal! I’m so happy that we managed to save 666.”

“Exactly! But now that a lot more people know about it and there are so many parents and their children queuing up outside, they might limit the number of people entering per day or the duration we are allowed to stay inside.”

“I’m sure they will impose some restrictions. No matter how wealthy the boss is, the space here is still limited. Besides, it’s highly likely that the service quality will drop if there’s a shortage of manpower.”

“I think it’s worthwhile making a trip here even if there are restrictions.”

“Yup, I agree. I wonder who’s the rich guy who bought this restaurant and even allowed free entry. If I meet him, I’ll surely thank him properly!”

“Me too… “

Charlotte was quite confused after listening to their conversation. She had only taken the kids to the restaurant once. That time, she and Mrs. Berry came here with the three kids, so they bought two sets of adult-child tickets and an additional child ticket separately. It had cost her more than one thousand six hundred, and it wasn’t easy for Charlotte to part with that money!

So why is the admission free now?

While Charlotte was pondering over the matter, she heard a familiar voice. “Let me in, let me in! My grandson is still inside.”

Charlotte turned around and saw that it was Julia.

Worried that Julia might recognize her, Charlotte immediately hid behind a cartoon character figure while sticking her head out discreetly to observe the situation.

Shortly after, two employees of the restaurant led Timothy out of the playground and handed him over to Julia and her bodyguards.

Timothy was reluctant to leave and looked back at the playground longingly, but Julia dragged him away hurriedly.

After the two employees watched them leave, they sighed and said softly, “Both of them are equally arrogant. Previously, when young Mrs. Sterling came here, she insisted on booking the whole area as well and even chased the other kids out, causing them to feel disappointed. Some even bawled their eyes out!

“The parents of those kids were very upset by her actions as well. This time around, the same thing happened with old Mrs. Sterling. But I bet she did not expect to meet someone even more powerful than her. Mr. Nacht bought the entire place for his three grandchildren right away and even allowed free entry for all. That’s how the truly wealthy people behave!”

“Yeah, exactly!”

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