Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 364

Charlotte wanted to escape when she noticed the manager waving at her, but since he called her by the janitor’s name, and everyone was looking at her, leaving the room would be suspicious. It would be difficult to clean up if she was exposed, so Charlotte went up to them.

“The wine’s spilled, Felicity. Clean it up fast,” the manager ordered.

“Okay.” Charlotte cleared the glass shards away, but she hung her head low in case someone could recognize her. Meanwhile, Zachary had moved away from the spot, wiping the stain on his hand with a piece of wet tissue.

“Will you be changing clothes, Mr. Nacht? I can go with you,” Ben proposed carefully.

“No. It’s just the coat.” Zachary took it off and tossed it to Ben before going back to his wine.

“Whoa, muscles!” Jamie was excited to see Zachary’s muscular body. “What’s your routine, Boss?”

Charlotte stopped cleaning for a moment and looked up at Zachary. He calls Zachary “Boss?” What’s going on?

“Boxing,” Zachary answered curtly.

“You box? What do you specialize in?” Jamie’s interest was piqued. Instantly, he put his cutlery down and waited for Zachary’s answer with anticipation.

“I know everything,” Zachary answered calmly.

“Really? Then spar with me when we have the chance.” Jamie loved martial arts.

“You? Spar with me?” Zachary thought it was laughable. “I can beat you down with one finger.”

“As if.” Jamie puckered his lips, swinging his fists. “My leg’s injured, but once I heal up, you’re getting it.”

“We’ll see.” Zachary sipped his wine without looking at the boy.

Ellie gave Henry a piece of candy. “We’re going to kindergarten tomorrow, Mr. Henry,” she said pleasantly. “We can’t wear smartwatches when we’re in school, but you can call us once school’s out. That is if you miss us anyway.”

“Why can’t you wear smartwatches? What if you go missing again like last time?” Henry frowned.

“I don’t know. The teacher said smartwatches aren’t allowed in the kindergarten.” Ellie fiddled with her cherry ice cream.

“What’s your kindergarten’s name?” Henry asked.

“Apple Kindergarten!” Ellie held up a little apple and grinned. “That’s its name.”

“I see.” Henry gave Spencer a look. Spencer understood what must be done, and he went to do it.

“You shouldn’t spoil the kids,” Zachary commented, knowing what his grandfather had done.

“Bite me then,” Henry snapped back.

Zachary didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at the janitor and sneered. “Why don’t you take the kids with you if you love them so much?” he told Henry. “Their home’s tiny. Makes it hard for them to move around.”

Charlotte trembled, and she started to panic. No, no, no. Don’t say yes, kids.

“Sure.” Henry had the same idea. “Why don’t you stay over at my place, kids?” he asked lovingly. “I can give you a ride to the kindergarten every day, and I can take you guys back too.”

“Sure,” Ellie answered without even a moment of hesitation. She was even rubbing her pudgy hands happily. “Can we come here when school’s out then?”

“Of course, you can.” Henry nodded. “And I can hire a boxing coach for you,” he told Jamie. “You can learn whatever you want to.”

“Really? Cool.” Jamie punched the air with excitement. “Can I learn taekwondo then?”

“No problem. I’ll get the best coach to teach you.” Henry was about to tell Spencer to get to it.

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