Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 365

“Mr. Henry!” Robbie blurted. “We thank you for your kindness, but we can’t move to your place.”

“Why?” Henry was crestfallen.

“Because we have mommy, Mrs. Berry, and Fifi waiting for us at home.” Robbie tilted his head earnestly. “Mrs. Berry fell ill because she had to take care of us. Mommy’s still not healed up yet. We can’t leave her alone.”

“You’re a good kid.” Touched by his kindness, Henry patted his head. “A really good kid.”

“Sorry, Mr. Henry, but we have to take care of mommy and Mrs. Berry.” Jamie stared down in shame.

“Yes.” Ellie held her tears back. “Mommy sprained her waist, and she can’t pick me up anymore. I wanna take care of her, and I still have to visit Mrs. Berry.”

“Of course, of course,” Henry quickly calmed them down, since they were on the verge of tears. “You don’t have to move for now. Come over when your mommy and Mrs. Berry are all healed up.”

As if I’ll go over. Charlotte shivered. You guys are going to chase me out before I even get close.

“I’ll get the best hospital for them.” Henry told Spencer, “Call Serene Hospital-”

“No need for that,” Zachary interrupted. “I’ve made the necessary arrangements.”

“Oh?” Henry was surprised. “When did that happen?”

“The day I sent the kids home.” Zachary glanced at Robbie. “That was when I did it,” he answered.

“Yes.” Robbie looked back at Zachary before replying to Henry, “Mrs. Berry and mommy are getting the best treatment now. Don’t worry, grandpa.”

“That’s good to hear.” Henry reminded Zachary, “Hire the best doctors.”

“Raina’s in charge of it,” Zachary replied. “Is that not good enough?”

“I can put my trust in Raina.” Henry nodded. “Don’t worry, kids. Your mommy and Mrs. Berry are going to heal up in no time.”

“Thank you, Mr. Henry!” the kids thanked him at the same time.

“You should wear the smartwatches with you even in kindergarten, just in case. If something were to happen, then I can be reached immediately,” Henry told them.


“Don’t worry about the teacher. I’ve already bought Apple Kindergarten.” Henry grinned. “So I’ll be setting the rules from now on.”

“Huh?” The kids widened their eyes in shock.

Charlotte was equally surprised. So does he know that these kids are actually his great-grandchildren? Why else would he spend so much money?

“You bought the whole kindergarten, Mr. Henry?” Jamie asked in disbelief. “Really?”

“To be exact, I bought the whole Apple Education Group, including… How many estates do they have?” Henry looked at Spencer.

“Twenty-six kindergartens, seventeen private education institutions, and fifty-two training centers,” Spencer smiled. “There’s no need to worry when you go to school now, children.”

“Um…” Ellie’s eyes couldn’t go any wider even if she wanted to. She was overwhelmed by disbelief.

“I thought the Sterlings own that education group,” Robbie quipped. “I heard Timothy’s mommy and grandma saying that their family’s the biggest shareholder.”

“The Sterlings have pulled out long ago. Now Apple Education Group belongs to the Nachts.” Henry grinned. “Tell me if you want anything. I’ll buy them for you.”

Oh god. Zachary was at a loss for words. “Henry, they’re not a part of the Nachts,” he reminded in a rather annoyed tone.

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