Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 366

“Shut up, brat,” Henry snapped. “Don’t mind him, kids,” he calmed the children down.

“You’re so nice to us, Mr. Henry.” Ellie hugged Henry, and her adorable voice melted his heart.

“I’ll repay my debt when I grow up, grandpa.” Jamie thumped his chest. “I’ll be a rich guy and buy you anything you want. I promise.”

Henry roared with laughter. “Good! Good!”

“He’s such a smooth talker.” Ben smiled. “No wonder Mr. Henry’s so amused.”

Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief. Good thing Robbie made his move at the right time, or else I would have stepped in. That’d play right into his hand. But Zachary seems to be doing it on purpose. Did he recognize me?

Charlotte didn’t want to stay there any longer. Thus, she quickly cleaned up the place and prepared to leave. “Hold it,” Zachary said. Charlotte stopped in her tracks, her sight remaining downward as she waited for his command. “You missed a spot.” He pointed at the wine stain on the table.

Heeding his orders, Charlotte went over to clean the table. However, Robbie frowned, unsure of what to feel.

“Grandpa, did you get their parents’ approval before you did all of that?” Zachary said on purpose. “What if the kids’ father objects to it?”

The children looked despondent at the mention of their father. After all, the other kids laughed at them because they had no father.

“Can you shut up?” Henry knew the kids came from a single-parent family, and he didn’t want to talk about that.

“What’s your father’s name?” Zachary kept on asking, ignoring Henry.

The kids looked at one another, unsure of what to answer. Fury welled up within Charlotte, her hand trembling. That b*stard. He’s doing this on purpose. I don’t mind him doing this to me, but why the kids? Why in front of everyone? She felt like slapping him at that moment.

“Didn’t your mommy tell you?” Zachary tried to wheedle it out of them.

“Why should we tell you?” Robbie glared. “Don’t you think hassling us when we can’t answer is a rude behavior?”

Zachary was surprised to see Robbie so angry. Michael’s been getting along with them for a while now. Don’t they know that he’s their father? Even if they don’t, he would tell them, wouldn’t he? Wait, did this stupid woman lie to me? Michael isn’t actually their father?

Zachary was inexplicably excited once that idea popped up. He was about to keep asking when the glass of fruit juice was spilled onto him all of a sudden. Frowning, he stared at the “janitor’“ coldly. She did it on purpose.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it,” Charlotte kept apologizing and wiping his shirt with the cloth she used to clean the table.

“F*ck off!” Zachary shoved her away, and she inadvertently fell.

“Mommy!” Robbie shot up and exclaimed.

Everyone looked at him. “What’s wrong, Robbie?” Henry asked.

“I…” Robbie looked away and shifted the topic quickly, “I just remembered that mommy’s alone at home and hasn’t had dinner yet.”

“Oh yeah. I have to get some food for her.” Ellie filled a bag with the food on her plate, planning to take it home to her mother.

“I wanna get her something to eat too.” Jamie helped.

“Now, now, kids. I’ll get them to pack something else for your mother,” Henry quickly said. “You’re all good kids, but you should finish your dinner first. Your mother shouldn’t have leftovers for dinner, right? I’ll take you home once they cook something up for your mother.”

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