Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 369

Charlotte pulled her hat down and hastened out, but since she didn’t bring her children with her, the attendant stopped her for some questioning.

Meanwhile, Zachary looked at her coolly from the doorstep, waiting for her to ask for help, but she had no such plan. Instead, she explained herself humbly to the attendant.

Zachary didn’t want to wait any longer, so he gestured at Ben. When Ben went up to help Charlotte, the attendant backed off in panic, then Charlotte went up to Zachary.

He glared at her in disgust before leaving. At the same time, the ladies around were fangirling at him, and they engaged in a heated discussion.

“Who is that hottie? Is he an actor? I’ve never seen him on TV.”

“Neither did I, but judging from that vibe, he must be a bigshot.”

“Hey, he looks like Mr. Henry Nacht. Maybe he’s a Nacht as well.”

“Really? Wait, he can’t be the grandson of Mr. Nacht, the father of those three kids, can he?”

“That’s a possibility.”

When Charlotte heard their conversation, she started feeling uneasy. Is it that obvious? Her children didn’t resemble Zachary, and that was why she could lie to him, telling him that they weren’t his kids. But why’s everyone guessing that he’s their father?

She looked at his silhouette and compared him to her children. When she thought about it, she realized that even though they weren’t alike, Robbie and Jamie had the same vibe as Zachary. Not only that, Robbie had his father’s eyes too.

“Come on!” Zachary looked back and growled.

“Okay,” she replied and quickened her pace. When they came into the mall, Zachary was the center of attention again. Instead of being proud of it, he felt frustrated.

Some shoppers were taking their photos. Charlotte didn’t mind, since she was in disguise. However, Zachary didn’t want to show up on the news, so he gave them a look, and they stopped taking his photo.

Going out with him is a disaster. Everywhere he goes, he’s going to be the center of attention. There’s no privacy at all.

All Charlotte wanted was to escape him as soon as possible. Hence, she quickly dragged him to a fashion shop nearby.

“Welcome.” A promoter came to greet them. “We have a promotion today. Everything’s 20% off, so just pick anything you want. There’s the fitting room, and these are all the half-priced items.”

“Half-priced items? Where?” Charlotte’s eyes shone when she heard the word.

“Everything on this rack.” The promoter took them to the half-priced item area, though her eyes were only on Zachary. “Even though he isn’t wearing any branded goods, the quality and workmanship for that suit alone are worth a lot. Will he really buy discounted goods?”

“It’s an emergency, so I think he doesn’t mind.” Charlotte picked the cheapest ones. “Here. Get me the clothes his size.”

“Alright then, Miss.” The promoter went to search for it.

“Are you for real? Do you want me to wear those?” Zachary’s face fell. “Not even the helpers at home wear discount items.”

“Oh, it’s just for a while. You’ll be going back soon anyway. There’s no need for pricey clothes,” she blurted. Then Charlotte smiled. “Besides, with your toned body, anything would look good on you.”

“Is that so?” Zachary liked being flattered, and he looked at his reflection. “Do I really have a toned body?”

“Of course. You’re sexiest among all men that I know.” Charlotte knew how to stroke his ego. “Even ordinary clothes like these can’t cover your exquisite air up.”

Zachary looked at her from the mirror. “Okay, now that sounds a bit too pretentious.”

“Here it is.” The promoter came up to them with the clothes, oddly enthusiastic. “Do you need any help changing, sir? I can do it.”

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