Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 375

“Was it an idiot or a bad person?” Robbie knitted his brows. He was mad. “Parrots can’t drink alcohol. Even I know that, and I’m a kid! But the guy didn’t? I don’t think he’s stupid, Mommy. He’s just evil.”

“Not necessarily… “ Charlotte did not want her children to hate their own father, so she immediately changed the subject. “By the way, how was your day?”

“We had quite a lot of fun. Fairytale Land had a lot of stuff that we would never get to play at home. Also, we bumped into someone from school!” Robbie reported sensibly. “It was Timothy!”

“Did you guys get into an argument?” Charlotte asked gently as she put down her pizza.

“Nope.” Robbie shook his head as his face expressed sympathy. “He’s not who he used to be. He lost all that arrogance he once had and is more reserved now. He doesn’t even play with anyone else besides Ellie.”

Charlotte went quiet after hearing what Robbie just said. It seemed to her that, ever since Amanda and Luna found out about the man four years ago was Zachary, they did not try to mess with her.

However, Charlotte knew that the Sterlings were not doing so well these days. The Whites were also affected by it. Investors were retracting their investments, and the company was at its limit.

Other than that, Hector had already made up his mind about the divorce with Luna. Thus, these issues must have greatly affected Timothy.

Children should never be involved with adults’ problems.

Even though Timothy and Ellie had some conflict back then, Charlotte still believed that Timothy was actually a good kid. But now, he ended up this way because of his family.

“Mommy, why did you impersonate the janitor of Fairytale Land?” Robbie asked after some pondering. “Was it to protect us?”

“Yeap.” Charlotte nodded. “I was concerned and wanted to go take a look. But I didn’t want to interfere with your fun, so… “

“Mommy!” Robbie felt touched and hugged Charlotte.

“Robbie, I know you’re smart and very considerate.” Charlotte patted Robbie’s back and spoke gently, “But I want you to feel happy just being yourself. Leave everything else to me, and I will protect all of you, okay?”

“I’m worried about you, Mommy.” Robbie held in his tears and choked on his word. “I don’t want you to get bullied. I want to protect you!”

“Robbie…” Tears welled up in Charlotte’s eyes. Thus, she took a deep breath, trying to make her sound calm. “I’m not going to get bullied. Don’t worry!”

“Okay… “ Robbie nodded and said nothing else.

With that, Charlotte cupped his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. “Alright now.” She smiled. “You should go to bed. It’s getting really late. By the way, where’s Jamie?”

“He’s already sound asleep.” Robbie rolled his eyes as he pouted. “He told me he’d wait for me to finish my shower and play with me. But when I came out, he had already fallen asleep on the carpet. The nurse got him into the bed. He actually clung onto her neck for quite a while.”

“Hahaha…” Charlotte laughed. “Jamie’s so adorable!”

Right then, a nurse came out of the bathroom carrying the plump Ellie in her hand. “Ellie’s also asleep now,” she said awkwardly. “Her head just flopped while I was blow-drying her hair. I took a look and found out she was asleep. Hahaha… “

“Looks like they’re all exhausted from all the fun they had.” Charlotte looked at Ellie with a smile.

“She looks tiny, but she’s actually quite heavy.” The nurse laughed.

Another nurse quickly came to assist her. “Let’s put her in bed.”

The two nurses carefully placed Ellie in her princess bed, covering her with a blanket. Then, they shut the door and proceeded to bid their farewell to Charlotte.

After that, Charlotte washed up before going to check on the kids in their bedroom. She had a happy grin on her face while she looked at their cute sleeping faces.

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