Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 376

In a blink of an eye, it was the dawn of a busy Monday morning.

At exactly ten minutes to seven, Mrs. Berry called Charlotte anxiously, “Miss, today’s Monday. Remember to get the kids in their uniforms and pin their badges.”

“Okay.” Charlotte quickly got dressed and opened the door to take a look outside.

The three nurses arrived five minutes ago. One was preparing breakfast while the other two were helping Ellie and Jamie get ready.

After that, Charlotte shut the door and went on to freshen up.

“There’s more,” Mrs. Berry continued. “Ellie has art class today whereas Robbie has robotics class; Jamie has soccer, but his foot is injured, so he most probably won’t be able to attend. Be sure to let the nurses know about these classes.”

Mrs. Berry kept going until the voice of a nurse could be heard. “Mrs. Berry, Dr. Langhan is coming to do a check-up. Can you put your phone down? We need to measure your blood pressure.”

“Just a second, I’m not done here,” Mrs. Berry replied. “Miss, Robbie doesn’t like to eat egg yolks, so please convince him. And Jamie always pours the milk into the flower pot, so you need to keep an eye on him. As for Ellie, make sure there’s no layer of film on the milk, or she’ll get a stomachache.”

“I understand, Mrs. Berry,” Charlotte replied while she brushed her teeth. “Just focus on your treatment. I’ll find some time to bring the kids along to visit you.”

“Alright then. That’s all for now. You should hurry up and don’t forget to have some breakfast.

After that call, Charlotte’s heart melted just by thinking about Mrs. Berry’s reminders…

Meanwhile, since there were three nurses to take care of the kids, the morning progressed rather efficiently.

When Charlotte got out of the bathroom, breakfast was already ready. The kids were all prepared for school and sat at the dining table quietly.

Charlotte also took some breakfast and went down the stairs with the kids. Then, she sent them on the school bus before hopping in her car to go to work.

A lot had happened recently, so Charlotte did not really get to do her work.

Charlotte felt a little sorry, so she swore that she would do her best from then onward.

That day, Charlotte had reached her office earlier than usual, so there was no queue at the elevator. When she was about to enter, she saw Lucy and a few higher-ups inside. Hence, she immediately backed away. “You guys go ahead. I’ll wait for the next one.”

“Come in.” Lucy shifted a bit and made space for Charlotte.

Left without a choice, Charlotte entered with her head down.

However, the people inside were talking among themselves. No one was bothered by her.

“Ms. Wright, is the press conference at one o’clock? Will Mr. Nacht be there?” One of the higher-ups asked.

“Of course, Mr. Nacht will definitely be present at such an important event such as this,” Lucy answered with a smile.

“Will Ms. Blackwood from Synder be there too? We’ve not seen her in a while now.”

“Ms. Blackwood’s such a talented, capable and beautiful person. Not to mention easygoing. There doesn’t seem to be a hint of arrogance in her.”

“That’s true. I bumped into her last time at level 17, and she actually greeted me.”

“I heard Mr. Nacht and Ms. Blackwood are getting engaged. Is that true?”

“I’m not sure about that…” Lucy looked at Charlotte and smiled. “Today’s press conference is important. Everyone should get ready and stop gossiping around.”

“Hahaha… Of course!”

Their conversations continued while Charlotte stayed quiet. It’s no wonder I didn’t see Sharon these past few days. She went overseas. Will she cause any more scenes after she returns today?

Charlotte recalled the treatment she got at Ashenville Garden. Previously, Sharon caused a lot of problems for her, and even Michael got dragged into it.

But… Why is there a press conference today? Why didn’t I know about it? It must be important if Zachary’s going to attend. He didn’t even attend the product launch event last time.

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