Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 379

After he sent Sharon off, Ben quickly reported back to the president’s office.

“Mr. Nacht, almost everyone from the media has gathered down there. The public relations team has made arrangements for them to have a meal on level 13. A private room has been reserved on level 17 for you and Ms. Blackwood. Hence, we might need to hurry up.”

However, Ben noticed that Zachary was still seated as he stared at the documents in his hand in deep thought. There were no signs of him budging.

“Sir, is something wrong?” Ben asked cautiously.

“Tell me, why would Grandpa suddenly ask Taylor Blackwood to come? Is he up to something?” Zachary asked.

“Hmm… “ Ben dared not answer. “I think you already know, Sir. Why would you want me to reiterate it?”

“What’s the point?” Zachary rested his back on the sofa with an irritated look on his face. “He’s already so old, yet he’s still trying to marionette people around.”

“You’re not just anyone, sir. You’re his grandson.” Ben said while observing Zachary’s expression. “The lineage of the Nacht family, all seven generations of it, is rested on your shoulder.”

“So he needs to force me into marriage because of that?” Zachary growled in displeasure. “Is my only purpose in life, mating and producing heirs for the family?”

“I… “ Ben was speechless.

“Summon Bruce,” Zachary demanded.

“What are you up to?” Ben panicked. “The press conference is starting any minute now. Sir, you mustn’t act out of impulse at a time like this. Besides, whether Mr. Henry would do anything or not is still up in the air.”

“It would be the best if he did nothing. But if he does, I need to establish some countermeasures.” Zachary stared at Ben. “What’s wrong? Are you not going to be a rebel as well?”

“No, sir… “ Ben could do nothing, so he called Bruce over.

“Mr. Nacht!” Bruce had always been in charge of external affairs. Yet he came back because the press conference needed more help around.

“Listen carefully.” Zachary pointed at him and issued an order. “I don’t want to see Grandpa and Taylor Blackwood at the press conference later!”

“Umm…” Bruce was astonished as his eyes widened. “What you’re saying is, you want me to intercept Mr. Nacht and Mr. Blackwood? Is this really okay?”

“If Mr. Blackwood is here by himself, by all means, let him in. After all, he has a mild nature. He won’t do anything if Grandpa is not around.” Zachary suddenly got serious. “But. If he’s here with Grandpa, you must stop them from going any further!”

Bruce’s expression changed drastically. “Sir, this is a tall order you’re giving me…”

“I don’t care how you do it. Get it done, by hook or by crook! Or you’re fired!” Zachary’s domineering presence was at full force.

Bruce felt desperate as he looked helplessly towards Ben for some assistance.

However, Ben shrugged, indicating to Bruce that there was nothing he could do.

“Alright. Now leave.” Zachary massaged his temples, exhausted. “Go and tell Sharon that I’m not eating anymore. We’ll meet in the conference room at one o’clock!”

“Yes, sir,” Ben answered as he pulled Bruce with him out of the office.

Bruce looked dejected. “Isn’t he just sending me to my death by asking me to stop Mr. Henry?”

“Death would be better.” Ben sympathized with him. “But there’s no other option. You know Mr. Nacht’s temper.”

“What should I do?” Bruce let out a deep sigh.

“Pray,” Ben told him. “Maybe Mr. Nacht was overreacting – I mean, there’s a chance that Mr. Blackwood will come here alone. Mr. Henry didn’t even say anything, so maybe he’s not coming.”

“What if he came?” Bruce looked at Ben with his piercing gaze.

“Umm…” Ben had no idea as well. “Then you’ll just have to face it head-on.”

“You b*stard!” Bruce cursed. “I’m the one dying here, not you. Stop gloating!”

“Hey, do you think I got the better end of the straw?” Ben made a long face. “If anything happened at the conference, I’ll be in dire straits too!”

“Whatever. I’m done talking to you,” Bruce said as he left.

Ben sighed as he watched Bruce leave.

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