Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 383

“Hey, you guys! Don’t just stand there.” Lucy suddenly appeared and hurried over to Charlotte, Dani, as well as a few other secretaries. “Come inside and help out!”

“Ms. Wright, the problem is that we can’t get in.”

“Follow me,” Lucy said before guiding them as they squeezed through the crowd. After they got in, Lucy gave them some instructions. “We have gifts and souvenirs for everyone. One for each person. I want you guys to sort it out. When the conference is almost over, I’ll bring you guys with me to distribute them. Got it?”

“Got it!”

The seven secretaries were brought into a small room within the conference room to work. The room they were in was near the stage, so they could see Zachary and Sharon sitting on it. They could also see their bodyguards and assistants behind them.

While Charlotte was going about her work, she raised her head to look at Zachary.

He was in a white suit with his hair properly styled. Even though he rarely spoke, Zachary was certainly still the center of attention.

“Mr. Nacht is so perfect! His standards for women are probably sky-high. I doubt ordinary people like us would ever catch his eyes,” Dani lamented. “Only someone like Ms. Blackwood would be a good match for him.”

“You’re right.” Charlotte looked away and quietly continued with the work on hand.

“Hey. It looks like someone else is coming in!” One of the secretaries exclaimed. “There seems to be a commotion outside the conference room.”

“Who is it?” The others were curious, stretching their necks to try and see.

“It looks like… It’s Ms. Blackwood’s father!” One of the secretaries recognized him. “Ms. Blackwood just went up to welcome him and called him daddy!”

“Ms. Blackwood’s father is the chairman of Synder Group! I can’t believe he’s here! Wow, this press conference really is more important than we could imagine!” Another secretary was excited.

“Nonsense.” one of them lowered her voice. “Synder is the one begging to collaborate with Divine. Of course, the chairman needs to be here.”

“I doubt that. As the president, Ms. Blackwood is more than enough to be the representative. I don’t think Mr. Blackwood is here just for the collaboration.”

“Could it be… An engagement announcement?”

“You’re right… It might actually be!”

The bunch of secretaries was excitedly talking about it while Charlotte looked towards the stage at Zachary, feeling perplexed.

Are you really getting married? Am I finally going to be free?

“Oh! Sorry about that, Charlotte. Did I hurt you?” A secretary accidentally touched Charlotte’s hand.

“It’s alright,” Charlotte replied as she felt a sharp pain coming from her palm. She lowered her head to take a look.

At the back of her hand was the scar left by Sharon and her high heel. On her palm was the burn mark that Zachary gave her that very day.

The scar that Sharon gave Charlotte reminded her to stay away from Zachary, while the mark on her palm reminded her of what Zachary said. Charlotte Windt, you’ll never be able to get away from me. Never!

So what am I supposed to do?

“Mr. Blackwood, are you here to sign the deal with Mr. Nacht personally?” The reporters started asking questions.

“Yes,” he answered. Taylor Blackwood was a charming middle-aged man. The moment he got there, he was the one who approached Zachary for a handshake. He even hugged Zachary before he addressed the reporters.

“This collaboration is of the utmost importance to the Synder Group, and we are extremely grateful that the Divine Corporation was willing to give us a chance to work together. On top of that, I do want to thank everyone present for coming here to witness our signing… “

Sharon was looking at her father with a big smile as her admiration and adoration for him were written all over her face.

Having said that, Zachary was constantly looking at his watch, occasionally touching his Bluetooth earpiece like he was in a call with someone.

“Let the signing ceremony begin!” The emcee announced a little while after.

And so, Zachary and Taylor proceeded to sign the contracts with hundreds of media companies as their witnesses.

After they signed the contracts, they shook hands in front of everyone and exchanged them.

At that exact moment, there was another commotion happening outside the conference room. This one was bigger than when Zachary first came out. Zachary’s expression immediately darkened as he shot a look towards Bruce.

Bruce immediately ran to the entrance to stop whatever was going on, but he was too late. Henry Nacht had already entered the room.

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