Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 385

Zachary was obviously torn. To be honest, he had always viewed marriage as a useless institution.

Marriage was merely an act to maintain social order.

The commoners got married to procreate, remain warm in the winter and reduce living costs.

On the other hand, the upper class got married to benefit their businesses.

Marriage had nothing to do with love.

If Charlotte hadn’t appeared, he wouldn’t mind marrying anyone.

Hence, he couldn’t be bothered when Henry interfered and chose his future wife. To his dismay, this led to the old man overstepping his boundaries.

Right now, he could change nothing.

Most importantly, as Henry used to be involved in shady businesses, he was a decisive and cruel man. If I offend him, Charlotte might be in danger.

At that thought, Zachary caved in.

“Good.” Henry’s lips curved up smugly. He gave Taylor a signal.

Delighted, Taylor exchanged glances with his daughter, Sharon.

Soon, everyone on the stage was beaming in delight, except for Zachary, of course.

“Quiet down, everyone! Quiet down!”

The emcee started appealing for the media to quieten down. He then announced the start of the event before inviting Henry onto the stage.

Rounds of applause erupted in the hall.

Meanwhile, Charlotte sat in her seat, unmoving.

The other secretaries were asked to leave, so she was left alone with Spencer and his men.

Spencer greeted her with a polite smile. “Ms. Windt, we meet again.”


“As Mr. Nacht wishes to discipline his grandson, please cooperate with us.”

Spencer was smiling, but he was giving off a horrible vibe. His polite request caused Charlotte to tense up in fear.

A chill ran down her spine as she realized the Nachts were no pushovers.

When they wanted to treat you well, they’d indulged in your every wish. She had seen how Henry adored the triplets and Zachary showering his love on her.

However, the moment one got on their bad side, they’d change drastically and descend like a devil who had just risen from hell, making their target lose it.

“I’m just someone insignificant. I can’t change anything,” uttered Charlotte, her heart thumping rapidly. She forced herself to calm down. “You think too highly of me.”

“Mr. Nacht has never thought highly of anyone. It was Mr. Zachary who adores you!”

Charlotte had a feeling there was an underlying meaning in his words.

“You should go to Zachary,” Charlotte retorted with a frown. “Why are you targeting me?”

“You’re the root of the problem. We need to get rid of you first!”

Spencer was still all smiles although he was practically threatening her.

Charlotte finally realized how deadly the butler was. No wonder Bruce and Ben were full of respect for him. Even Zachary had to treat him politely.

Although she was seething with reluctance, Charlotte remained silent and sat there, waiting for the event to end.

“Mr. Blackwood has something to announce,” declared the emcee.

Rising to his feet, Taylor Blackwood spoke humbly. “The Nacht family and the Blackwood family had been friends for at least three generations. Thanks to them, we could achieve this much. My daughter, Sharon Blackwood, has admired Zachary for years. Today, I will—”

“Hey!” Henry cut him off impatiently. “Taylor, stop beating around the bush. Just get straight to the point.”

He banged on the table and announced, “My grandson, Zachary Nacht, will get engaged to Sharon Blackwood on the tenth of next month!”

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