Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 401

“I miss you, Mr. Henry.” Ellie hugged Henry around the neck, “Do you miss me?”

“I do…” Henry’s heart was melting. He ruffled Ellie’s hair and lovingly said, “That’s why I am here to see you.”

“Mr. Henry is the best!” Ellie cheered with her arms high up in the air.

“Mr. Henry!”

Robbie and Jamie approached with the medical staff.

Henry squatted on the ground and hugged Robbie, then Jamie while smiling ear to ear.

Watching from the side, Spencer reminded anxiously, “Mr. Nacht. You cannot squat for too long. Come on, stand back up.”

“What a nag!” Henry growled.

“Mr. Henry, is your back alright?”

Robbie kept quiet as he helped Henry with his little hands.

Henry stood up, massaged his back, and sighed. “I’m fine, I’m fine. This is nothing. I will take you all to Fairytale Land, okay?”


The three children answered together.

They were delighted to hear that they were going to Fairytale Land. Even Ellie clapped as she jumps around in excitement.

“Come one, let’s get in the car.”

Henry led Robbie and Jamie into the car.

At the moment, a taxi drove up nearby, and Charlotte saw Henry just as she was about to get off the car. She hurried and hid back in the car.

Her heart pounded vigorously.

Why would Henry be here at this hour?

“We’re here. Aren’t you getting out?” the taxi driver asked.

“Hang on a moment.” Charlotte lowered her body in the back seat and whispered, “You can keep the meter running. Just consider it as another ride.”

“You have been acting sneaky ever since the beginning. What are you scheming?” The taxi driver frowned. “Are you trying to kidnap the children?”

“Of course not.” Charlotte nervously replied, “I’m here to pick up my kids.”

“Then, why don’t you get out of the car?” The taxi driver said impatiently, “Get out of the car immediately, or I will call the police.”


Charlotte was very anxious. If she got off the car now, Henry would see her.

She peeked out the window and saw a bodyguard pushing Jamie’s wheelchair to the side of the car and then carried him up into the car.

The car door closed.

“Are you getting down or not?” The taxi driver yelled.

Charlotte had no choice. She left the car and hid behind a garbage bin, sticking her neck out to peek.

The car did not turn off, nor did it drove away.

Because school was over, and school busses had already occupied the lane. The Rolls-Royce had to let the school busses leave first.

“Wow. There are so many Barbie dolls! There are princess dresses and they are all so beautiful!”

As soon as Ellie got into the car, she saw many gorgeous Barbie dolls, plushies, and various Disney princess dresses. She cheered with excitement.

“Haha, as long as you like it.”

Seeing Ellie’s happy face put a bright smile on Henry’s as well.

“Wow! There are so many toys!”

Jamie also saw his favorite toys. A full set of Transformers, Ultraman, and various Marvel superheroes.

Henry caringly stroked Jamie’s hair. “I bought these for you. Do you like them?”

“I love them! Thanks, Mr. Henry!” Jamie replied as he happily unboxed the packaging.

“Robbie, this is for you.” Henry handed Robbie a box.

“Thanks, Mr. Henry.” Robbie took the box and opened it. It turned out to be a customized ultra-slim computer. He was surprised, “Mr. Henry, I’m not really good at using a computer yet.”

Henry carefully touched his hair and replied lovingly, “You can always learn.”

“You’re a smart and talented boy. I will teach you the basics today. Then, turn on the computer every day when you get home after school. I will arrange for world-class teachers to give you online lessons for two hours every day. You will become a child prodigy in no time!”

“Thank you, Mr. Henry.” Robbie’s eyes sparkled brilliantly. “Then, I can protect Mommy and my siblings.”

“Good boy!” Henry hugged Robbie with the feeling of accomplishment. “I will definitely make you a king!”

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