Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 402

“Mr. Henry. Thank you…” Robbie was so touched that his eyes were red. “How did you know what I wanted the most?”

“Of course, I do,” Henry replied lovingly. “Because your desire for knowledge and power resembles my grandson when he was young.”

Those toys and gifts could never satisfy you. You’re all extraordinary children since birth. What you wanted most is to stand at the top of the world as the king.

Henry thought of Zachary proudly.

Immediately after, he worried…

That man caused him immense anger yesterday. Seeing these three little children made him feel better.

“Mr. Henry, you are so kind to me. I will definitely repay you in the future.”

Robbie sniffled with tears in his eyes. He believed that Mr. Henry was the person who knew him the best in the world.

“Robbie, shouldn’t we call Mommy? She’ll worry if she didn’t know we went out with Mr. Henry.”

Ellie suddenly thought of this and mentioned while playing with her Barbie dolls on the sofa.

“Yes, I will call Mommy right now.”

Robbie called Charlotte with his smart watch.


Charlotte who was hiding behind the garbage bin jumped in surprise. She silenced her phone and answered with her mouth covered. “Hello!” she whispered.

“Mommy, Mr. Henry is taking us to Fairytale Land. You don’t have to wait for us to eat.” Robbie said on the phone with a well-behaved voice.

“Alright…” When Charlotte was speaking, a car honked.

Robbie was startled when he heard the sound on the phone.

Henry heard it as well.

Because the smart watch was on speakers.

“Is your Mommy nearby?” Henry asked curiously, “Is she here to pick you up?”

“Mommy, are you at the kindergarten?”

Robbie looked through the windows as he brought his smart watch closer to his ear, at the same time, lowered the volume.

“No. I’m on the way…” Charlotte replied in panic, “Okay, Robbie. Eat with Mr. Henry. Mommy will be busy. We’ll talk when we get home. Bye-bye.”

At that, Charlotte quickly dropped the call…

She held her forehead as she was troubled as she was never good at telling lies. Seeing that her words were full of loopholes, she might be discovered…

No, the smart watch seems to be hands-free.

Oh God, did Henry overhear anything?

Charlotte slapped herself in the face, blaming her own stupidity.

“Did you see your mommy?” Henry looked out the window as well.

“No.” Robbie stared at a trash can at the side of the road. A pair of white shoes were sticking out. But he did not expose what he saw. He calmly turned around and pulled the curtains, and leaned back on his seat.

“Mommy should be on the way from work right now. Maybe she’s in a traffic jam.”

“Yeah.” Henry nodded without thinking much. “We’re in a traffic jam here as well.”

“It’s ready, Mr. Nacht,” Spencer responded.

With that, the car slowly drove off.

As the extended Rolls-Royce finally departed. Charlotte stood up and let out a long sigh.

She wanted to take the children out for a meal when she came back from Jeffery’s, but she did not expect to see Henry.

Hopefully, nothing was exposed just now. Luckily, it was Robbie who called. He was smart and would definitely cover for her.

Henry will not doubt a three-year-old child!

With that thought in mind, Charlotte calmed herself and took the subway home.

On the way, she thought about the resumes she sent out in the past two days. She sent more than forty of them, but there was not a single reply, unfortunately.

As a matter of fact, she knew that most companies require long-term staff right now. She submitted her resume for temporary jobs, but even so, no company responded.

Is it really that hard to find a job now?

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