Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 403

After using the two million given by Zachary entirely to sponsor Jeffrey’s factory, Charlotte was left with only a few hundred thousand in her bank account. She could barely make ends meet with that amount of money for the next few months.

While Henry would be paying for Jamie’s medical fees by obligation, Charlotte would have to pay Raina for Mrs. Berry’s medical fees.

All in all, she had no choice but to work even harder to earn the money that she needed.

While she could have easily made some extra cash by singing at Bar DTT, it had already closed down.

Should I find another bar?

When bars hired resident singers, it was usually on a freelance basis, so she could just do the job for three months.

With that idea in mind, Charlotte searched for recruitment advertisements for bars on her mobile application for job hunting. There were many bars hiring singers, but none of them paid as generously as Bar DTT.

However, she also knew that she had only made so much money at Bar DTT because Chris had some connections there.

Gosh, I guess I have no choice but to try them.

And so, Charlotte sent her resume to the bars that she had found through the mobile application.

She always had two versions of her resume saved in her files. One would be written to apply to large corporations like Divine Corporation, and the other was intended for finding a side hustle like singing at a bar or being a piano teacher.

Now that she had sent out her resume, all that she could do was wait and hope for the best.

“Charlotte?” All of a sudden, a girl’s voice called out for her.

Looking up, she met eyes with a youthful, cute girl who looked somewhat familiar.

“It’s me! I’m Olivia! Do you remember me?” she asked boisterously.

“Oh, hi!”

Charlotte soon remembered that Olivia was the girl whom she had helped at the party in Ashenville Garden. She was a pianist and student at the H City Music Academy.

“What a coincidence! I’m so happy to meet you here. I’ve always wanted to contact you, but I haven’t had the chance to because I’m so busy working,” Olivia said.

“It’s alright. It’s great that we somehow meet again. By the way, how’re your hands? Let me have a look!” Charlotte replied.

Crossing her arms and trying to hide her hands, Olivia murmured, “They are fine now… Urgh… “

Charlotte sighed and pulled Olivia’s hands toward her.

Upon looking at Olivia’s hands, Charlotte froze momentarily. Although her wounds had mostly healed, her slender, beautiful hands had become scar-ridden. Furthermore, some of her wounds seemed to be so deep that they caused damage to her nerves, meaning that she would never be able to play piano the same as before.

Thinking back on Sharon’s inhuman behavior, Charlotte’s heart throbbed. Holding back her anger and sorrow, she asked, “Olivia, can you still play the piano now?”

“Of course, I can but my playing is not as good as before. Nowadays, few would want to hire me to play.”

Tears welled up in Olivia’s eyes.

“Last time, when you went on stage on my behalf, you won the audience over, and I got a new job opportunity. Though my boss is a nice person, I couldn’t perform my best when I went to work the other day, and he advised me to find another job after giving me two thousand,” Olivia continued, inhaling deeply to calm herself down.

“It’s okay. There will be more opportunities to come. I can help you… “ Charlotte felt very sorry for her.

“Charlotte, don’t worry. I’ve found a new job. I’m working as a promoter now, and I get at least a thousand each night. Considering the bonuses that I receive, I’m earning even more than before!” Olivia was surprisingly optimistic about her situation.

“That much money? Where are you working at? Can I join you?” Charlotte’s eyes lit up.

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