Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 405

Charlotte shakily told Raina that she would pay her bills as soon as possible. Raina did not sound especially stern or angry and told her that it was just a reminder.

After hanging up her phone, Charlotte immediately went to the bank with her father’s credit card, wanting to withdraw some money to lessen her financial burden at the moment. Unfortunately, she was told that the bank account was locked and she would have to activate it by contacting her financial advisor from S Nation.

Charlotte knew that her father had locked the account out of fear that someone would scheme for the huge sum of money in it.

For the time being, she would have to do extensive paperwork and make an appointment with her financial advisor from S Nation to activate the bank account.

Keeping her father’s credit card back into her wallet, Charlotte sighed and shook her head. I don’t want to start living off my inheritance from Father…

At that very moment, Charlotte felt helpless and ashamed.

Am I really incapable of making a living for myself?

After taking a few moments to think, Charlotte dialed Olivia’s number.

“Hi, Charlotte… “

Olivia’s voice was mostly buried in the deafening heavy metal music blaring in her background. All that Charlotte could make out was her saying “hello”.

After almost a minute, the music quietened down a little, and Olivia asked, “Charlotte, I’m so sorry for the noise. I’m in a quieter place now. What are you calling me for?”

“I… I just wanted to ask you if your workplace is still hiring,” Charlotte replied, biting her lips anxiously.

“Yes, yes. In fact, I’ve just introduced the job to my classmate earlier today. Do you want to come over now?”

“Yes, none of the places I applied to offer me a job. I’m low on cash now, and I need a job to make some quick money for the next few months. Can you please help?” Charlotte said.

“Of course. I’m at Sultry Night right now. Do you want to come over?” Olivia was very willing to help Charlotte.

“Yes, I’ll be on my way.”

“Okay. Call me when you get here.”

With that, Charlotte hung up the call, gave her kids a goodbye hug, and told them to sleep early.

Her kids were very well-behaved and kissed her goodbye.

Putting on a mask and cap, Charlotte left her house in a casual outfit.

After taking a taxi to Sultry Night, Charlotte took a proper look around her with mixed feelings. Once upon a time, she had often visited the place to keep an eye on how Gigolo was doing at work.

Thinking back on her past, she still longed for the time she had spent with Gigolo the most. Though he seemed cold at times, he would always work hard and share his income with her. Every time she found herself in a dangerous situation, he would appear miraculously and protect her.

That was a time when nothing stood between them – there were no past grudges, and neither Sharon nor Henry was affecting their relationship.

That was a time when nothing mattered except for their love for one another. They could not care less about social status or how people would judge them.

However, all good times had to come to an end. When Gigolo reappeared as Zachary Nacht, everything changed…

All kinds of problems emerged one after the other, some of which she had seen coming and some of which she had not. The two of them went through extreme ups and downs, and toward the end, their relationship seemed to bring more pain than happiness.

Alas, they had finally broken up. Perhaps, this is for the best.


A bright voice pulled her back to reality.

Looking up, Charlotte smiled and said, “Olivia! Isn’t it still working hours for you?”

“Oh, I didn’t want you to get lost finding me, so I came to pick you up. I’ve already spoken to my manager. He said that you need to do an interview. If all goes well, you can start working tonight itself!” Olivia replied, pulling her into the club.

“Alright. Thanks.”

Charlotte felt really worried. She used to visit the place regularly, along with Zachary at times, so there was a high chance that the manager would recognize her.

What if he tells Zachary about me working here?

“The new manager is pretty nice. He’s taking in many employees at the moment. We’re quite lucky to get this opportunity,” Olivia said with a smile.

Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief. Phew. The new manager probably doesn’t know me. That’s good…

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