Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 407

After going through the recruitment procedures, Fleur handed Charlotte her work uniform and added, “Get changed, and I’ll lead you to look around and familiarize yourself with the place. The tasks you get as a promoter are not too difficult.”

“Okay, thank you, Fleur.”

However, an unsettling nervousness crept up Charlotte’s spine as she got changed. Looking in the mirror of the fitting room, she had to do a double-take.

Her skirt was barely a mini skirt. It could almost pass for a micro skirt. She had not noticed how revealing the uniform was when she saw Olivia moments ago, but after putting on the uniform herself, she felt rather uneasy.

In the mirror, she saw herself in a fitted V-neck blouse in white with a contrasting black mini skirt. The pencil skirt barely covered her voluptuous bum. The bunny ear headband she had on was cute indeed but made her outfit look like lingerie.

“Urgh… Is the collar of my blouse too big? And this skirt is… “

Charlotte felt extremely uncomfortable in the uniform.

“The other promoters are wearing the same uniform. Didn’t you see Olivia just now? Okay, but this does look really provocative on you since you have such a good figure,” Fleur chuckled.

“So… “ Charlotte pursed her lips.

“I think you can just wear this for tonight. You can alter this uniform when you get the time tomorrow. Anything goes as long as you don’t make any big modifications. And also… This!”

Whipping out a black-laced mask, Fleur exclaimed, “A mask! All the promoters have one each.”

“Thank you,” Charlotte said, putting the mask on. Okay, even if I come across Zachary, he wouldn’t be able to recognize me in this mask, would he?”

“Alright, let’s get going. I’ll show you the range of alcohol we sell at the bar. You’ll need to memorize the price list.”


Charlotte followed Fleur to the main hall.

Most were sublimed in the atmosphere with movement to the pulse and beats. A few dancers were pole-dancing on the stage, and the men below were howling like dogs in heat. Some were even taking off their tops as they swayed to the upbeat music.

“See? These men have their eyes on the dancers. No one would notice you. Don’t worry too much.” Fleur tried to reassure her.

“Yeah.” Upon seeing how hot the dancers were, wearing nothing but lace lingerie, Charlotte was somewhat convinced that nobody would be interested in her.

“Moreover, we have really sexy hostesses here. Even if those in the private rooms were to stare at you for a bit, they probably wouldn’t do anything to you. They already have all those ladies around them, you know?” Fleur continued.

“Yeah, I guess.” Charlotte felt a little more relaxed.

Afterward, Fleur took her to the bar and introduced her to the names and price lists for the liquors. As for the usual beers, cocktails, and drinks, she was told that she could just jot their names down in the bill without memorizing the prices, given how cheap they were.

Fleur also talked about how the more she recommended the expensive liquors to her customers, the more commission she would get out of the sales. “Our top promoters can earn tens of thousands of commission just in one night. Adding the tips, some of them earn more than a hundred thousand!”

The prospect of making big money was very attractive for Charlotte. A hundred thousand in one night? That means I’ll be able to pay Mrs. Berry’s medical fees after two nights of work!

Just then, Olivia was seen running over to Fleur, a big smile plastered on her face. “Fleur, Fleur! The guests in that private room just ordered a bill worth a few hundred thousand! Can I check how much commission I’m getting from that?”

“Let me have a look,” Fleur answered. After a few moments, Fleur patted Olivia on her shoulders and cheered, “Forty-eight thousand!”

“Wow, that’s great!” Olivia was on cloud nine.

“Congratulations, Olivia.” Charlotte smiled at her.

“Charlotte? Oh, my god! You’re so curvy and pretty! I almost can’t recognize you in this uniform!” Olivia spluttered.

“Hah… I can still tell that it’s you even with your mask on, though,” Charlotte joked.

Charlotte felt that Olivia really did stand out in the crowd with her distinct petite figure.

“Well, that’s because I’m the flattest one of them all here!” Olivia said, blushing.

“Alright, Olivia, show her around. I have some things to attend to.”

With that, Fleur turned around and left.

“Charlotte, how about you come to that private room over there with me. The customers there are really generous. If we can get them to make more orders, we can split the commission between us!” Olivia said cheerfully, pulling Charlotte’s hand as they made their way to a private room.

“Okay, thanks!”

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