Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 416

Charlotte was thrilled for getting the lavish tip. After getting off work, she treated Olivia and Kristi to supper.

Kristi turned green with envy after knowing that Charlotte had received a huge tip.

On the contrary, Olivia was elated over the good news. At the rate at which things were going, they would be able to save enough, and in turn, quit working at Sultry Night much sooner.

Kristi, however, thought differently. She actually liked working at Sultry Night, claiming that it was fast and easy money. The girl wanted to save up enough to buy a property at H City.

Not only that, but she also hoped that she would somehow meet a rich guy while working at Sultry Night. She was dying to realize her goal of becoming a rich man’s trophy wife.

Olivia burst her bubble and told her that being a trophy wife was not all sunshine and rainbows.

Charlotte, on the other hand, did not think there were any problems with Kristi’s aspirations.

Afterward, Olivia and Charlotte then decided to go visit Olivia’s mother at two o’clock in the afternoon the next day. The trio then went their separate ways.

Olivia and Kristi rented a house together. They would study in the morning and then work at Sultry Night at night. Even though it was tough, they knew they were working toward realizing their dreams.

It was already five-thirty in the morning when Charlotte reached home. After taking a bath and changing into a fresh set of clothes, she prepared breakfast for her triplets and even penned a sticky note for them.

Dear Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie,Mommy has been busy with work lately and hasn’t been spending much time with you guys. Mommy is so glad that you guys have been behaving, and going to school every day with the nurses. I promise to spend more time with you guys after this.



Charlotte then dragged her tired body back to the room and fell into a deep slumber.

She had only about five hours left to sleep since she agreed to meet Olivia at the City Hospital at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The three nurses had already arrived to fetch the triplets when the trio was awake, and told them that Charlotte had actually prepared breakfast for them. They could enjoy the breakfast once they had washed up.

The triplets were thrilled since it had been a while since they last had breakfast prepared by Charlotte.

They were overjoyed to see the scrumptious breakfast and handwritten note laid out on the table.

The triplet then tiptoed into their mother’s room and planted soft kisses on her cheeks. Then, they closed the door behind them and enjoyed their breakfast.

Before leaving, Robbie left a sticky note on the table for Charlotte as well.

To Mommy,We love you!

Love, Robbie

“Robbie, don’t forget to include my name on the note too.” Ellie tiptoed to take a closer look at the sticky note.

“Me too, I love mommy too,” Jamie reminded Robbie as well, afraid that the latter might have missed out his name.

“Love mommy, love mommy!” Fifi parroted the triplets’ words back at them.

“Shh!” Ellie gestured to silent Fifi. She looked at the parrot with a stern face. “Fifi, do not wake Mommy, okay?”

Fifi then covered its beak with its wings, mirroring Ellie’s demeanor.

The parrot had slept for many days after getting drunk last time. However, it had gotten especially chirpy ever since it had sobered up.

“I think it’s better that we bring Fifi to school,” Jamie said as he furrowed his brows. “Otherwise, it’s going to wake mummy up.”

“Agreed.” Ellie raised her plump hands.

“Sure,” Robbie nodded his head and said to the nurse, “Nurse, could you help me open the cage?”

“Sure!” The nurse then headed to the balcony to open Fifi’s cage.

Fifi then flapped its wings and perched on Robbie’s shoulders as it rubbed its furry head against his handsome little face, “Robbie, Robbie!”

“Be quiet,” Robbie warned Fifi. “I’m going to bring you to school today. You have to behave, alright?”

“Okay, okay,” Fifi chirped merrily, happy that it was finally getting the chance to go to the kindergarten together with the triplets.

“Fifi is so adorable!” The nurses beamed brightly as they saw the parrot’s lively demeanor. “Let’s go to school now.”

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