Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 425

Charlotte lost the will to struggle herself free. She snuggled in his embrace.

The cold made her circled her arms around his waist as she buried her face in his chest. She closed her eyes and let him bring her wherever they were headed.

Their intimate demeanor resembled an adorable couple and would warm the hearts of any onlooker.

A pair of mother-daughter duo entered the elevator. The little girl looked about four or five. Innocently, she pointed at Charlotte and asked her mother in a low voice, “Mommy, why is that woman sleeping while standing?”

“She’s too tired, sweetie.” The mother crouched down and told her daughter, “Let’s be quiet so that we don’t disturb her.”

“I thought only kids could fall asleep while being hugged. So big sisters could do it too,” the little girl commented naively.

The mother could not help but chuckle at her daughter’s innocent remarks. She cast an envious look at the cute couple and smiled. “That big brother protects her like she’s a little kid. That’s why.”

Charlotte subconsciously lifted her head and met Zachary’s gaze. She noticed the loving look in his eyes.

Moved by his affectionate look, she tiptoed and gave him a kiss on the lips.

His body stiffened for a moment as he looked at her with a blank expression. Then, his lips slowly curled into an enticing smile.

This is the first time she’s hugging and kissing me in the public.

And she’s not doing it because she’s forced to. It’s because she can’t hold it in…

That was the reason he was smitten with the woman.

Ding! The elevator’s door sprung open, and the mother-daughter duo left.

Zachary pressed her head against his chest and carried her out of the elevator.

“Let me down. People are watching!” Charlotte was hot from embarrassment.

“I carried you upstairs like this too yesterday, and I recalled that there was no objection.”

Zachary carried her all the way to his car and placed her in the passenger seat. Then, he walked over to the other side and climbed into the driver’s seat.

Just after he started the car, Charlotte’s phone rang. She hurriedly answered the call, “Hello, Robbie? Mommy will be back soon, say about half an hour.”

“Don’t worry, Mommy. You’re just too tired from overtime work and slept at your friend’s place.”

“Mommy is not canceling our plans today. I’ll get home and make lunch for you guys. Then, we’ll head to the hospital and visit Mrs. Berry together. Be good, and wait for mommy at home.”

After hanging up the phone, she cast a meek look at Zachary. She was afraid that the man might throw tantrums like he used to, especially since he thought the triplets’ father was Michael.

He would imagine her body getting intertwined with Michael whenever the latter’s name came up, and in turn getting all worked up…

However, things seemed different this time. Not only did he not get angry, but he asked rather calmly, “Don’t you have nurses taking care of them? I can arrange for nannies if they’re still shorthanded.”

“No, no. It’s more than enough,” she hurriedly added. “It’s just that the kids love my cooking. Besides, I’ve promised to make them lunch today.”

“I’ve never had a taste of your cooking,” Zachary raised his brow in a displeased manner.

“I will be sure to cook for you in the future,” she said with a sweet smile. “Although I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy my cooking since you’re already used to having gourmet meals.”

“Well, I’ll give it a try.” Zachary glanced at his buzzing phone. However, he had no intention of picking it up.

“Why aren’t you picking it up…”

She swallowed her words at the sight of the caller ID. It was Sharon Blackwood.

The flickering name on the screen reminded her of a painful fact. Sharon was now his fiancée. Who am I then, exactly?

The warm atmosphere turned cold.

Charlotte lowered her head, saying nothing.

“I want to see you tonight.” Zachary did not notice the change in her demeanor. Instead, he ordered, “I will pick you up at ten tonight.”

“Why? So that you can f*ck me?” Charlotte asked icily. “What are we, exactly? Am I your secret lover? Your mistress?”

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