Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 427

Charlotte threw the thought to the back of her mind, deciding that she would deal with it after she came home tonight. Now her focus would be on the lentil soup and accompanying her children for a scrumptious meal.

After lunch, Charlotte took the soup and her children to the Kindness Hospital to visit Mrs. Berry.

In order to prevent the nurses from finding out about her relationship with Zachary, she gave the three nurses half-day off. She excused their absence by saying that Mrs. Berry needed quiet rest and that it would be inconvenient for too many people to be present in the ward.

The nurses were worried about her handling all three children alone. However, they could do nothing since Charlotte was adamant that she could handle it alone.

Charlotte called for a cab and took her children and Fifi to the hospital.

She texted Olivia on the way and reassured her friend that she was doing fine and told her friend to quit worrying about her.

However, Olivia still felt the need to call and confirm. “Charlotte, what happened last night really scared the wits out of me. Are you really alright?”

“I’m really fine. I’m now heading to the hospital with my kids to visit Mrs. Berry,” Charlotte reassured her friend. “What about you? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, too. Just a bit swollen on the face. I’ll put some ice on it.” Begrudgingly, she said, “Charlotte, Peter asked me to tell you not to work at Sultry Night anymore.”

“I know…” Charlotte sighed. “Is he alright?”

“He’s alright but your boyfriend said he wouldn’t be if he ever lets you work at Sultry Night again. By the way, your boyfriend is so fierce. Does he bully you?”

“No…” Charlotte could not bring herself to go into details in front of her children and did not divulge further. “Right, Olivia. I’m with my kids and we’re heading to the hospital right now. Let me call you back later.”

“Sure.” Olivia felt a pang of guilt. “I have some leads on a piano performance gig, and I will watch out for you. I’ll introduce you if an opportunity comes up.”

“That’s great. Thank you, Olivia.”

“Don’t worry about it. Go get busy. We’ll talk later.”


Charlotte realized that they had actually arrived at the Kindness Hospital after hanging up the phone. The driver stopped the car by the sidewalk.

She carried her children off the car and pushed Jamie’s wheelchair.

Robbie and Ellie tagged along by her side.

Fifi was quiet in Jamie’s embrace. It craned its neck and glanced around curiously.

“Robbie and Ellie, you guys have to stick close to mommy.”

Charlotte pushed Jamie’s wheelchair and reminded the other two.

There were some sundries, fruits and lentil soup hanging on Jamie’s wheelchair.

Onlookers could not help but divert their attention toward the young and charming mother with her triplets and a pet parrot.

Some were thinking that it must have been difficult for the mother to raise the triplets while some were awed by the cute triplets, not to mention the pet parrot…

At that point, Charlotte was already used to those curious glances. She smiled as she acknowledged them all before she headed toward the elevator.

She was beyond grateful that they were at a private hospital, and the crowd was not too overwhelming. If they were at a public hospital, there would be a real concern about her losing her children.

The little family soon arrived at Mrs. Berry’s ward.

The woman was on the drip. As she heard the children’s voices, she almost fell from her bed. “Robbie, Ellie and Jamie! Is it really you guys?”

“Mrs. Berry!” Robbie and Ellie ran toward her.

“You guys are really here,” Mrs. Berry was excited at their presence.

“Mrs. Berry!” Robbie grabbed her by the hand and caressed her wrinkled face. “You’ve gotten thinner.”

“Haha, yes! I’ve lost over thirty pounds,” Mrs. Berry burst into a laugh. “I’ve tried so hard to lose weight in the past but it took hospitalization for me to finally lose all those weight.”

“Mrs. Berry, is it painful?” Ellie asked as she looked at the woman’s hands pierced with a myriad of needles. Gently, she blew on it. “Let Ellie blow on it so that it doesn’t hurt.”

“Good girl, Ellie.” Mrs. Berry was moved to tears with a glad smile on her face.

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