Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 429

“No, I cannot let that happen. Mr. Nacht will blame me for this,” Raina anxiously said.

“I really need to draw things clear because of him.” Charlotte suddenly put on a stern face.

“I hope that no matter what happens between him and me, we can still be friends with each other. That’s the only way I can continue to let Mrs. Berry undergo her treatment here. Otherwise, she’s going to be in danger if our relationship goes down the drain.”


Raina was rendered speechless. She could see where Charlotte was coming from. If the latter was fully dependent on Mr. Nacht for Mrs. Berry’s treatment, the man reserved the right to terminate his sponsorship as he pleased.

However, if Charlotte was seeking treatment as an ordinary patient, then the hospital would be liable for the patient, and to answer to Charlotte.

“Let’s just go with this. Don’t worry about the money. I can still cope with the hospital bills.” Then, Charlotte steered the conversation in another direction, “About my friend’s mother’s condition, I brought her medical records today.”

Charlotte handed over Olivia’s mother’s medical records to Raina.

She skimmed through the records and said, “This is a tad complicated. I need to run this through my team for a discussion. I’ll come back to you on this in two days’ time, alright?”

“Sure, thank you.” Charlotte nodded her head. “I’ll accompany Mrs. Berry then.”


Charlotte and the kids accompanied Mrs. Berry for the whole afternoon. They had only left the hospital at about five in the afternoon when the kids were getting hungry.

Before leaving, Charlotte settled the fifty-thousand hospital bill and went back to Mrs. Berry’s ward. “Mrs. Berry, we will come visit you again tomorrow. Get a good rest.”

“I’m alright here. There are medical staff and Dr. Langhan looking after me. It must be tough for you to handle three kids alone. There’s no need to rush here and there.”

“It’s okay. The kids miss you. Besides, it’s Sunday tomorrow and we still have time to spare. I can’t say the same for Monday when the kids have to go to school. You’d better get some rest. We’ll get going first.”

“Take care.”

“Goodbye, Mrs. Berry!”

“Be good, the three of you and Fifi! You guys have to listen to your mom!”

“Yes, Mrs. Berry.”

The triplets were famished after they headed out of the hospital. Charlotte called for a cab to take the kids home and promised to make them dumplings.

The triplets were thrilled by the idea and vowed to help Charlotte with the dumplings.

Right then, Robbie’s smart watch buzzed. He gestured for the others to shush, and whispered to his mother, “Mommy, it’s a call from Mr. Henry.”

“Well, pick it up then.” Charlotte nodded.

“Hello, Mr. Henry.”

“Robbie, where are you guys? I want to come to pick you guys for dinner.” Henry was beaming on the other end. “Let’s not go to Fairytale Land today. I’ll take you guys to the beach. It’s really pretty there…”

“Mr. Henry, hold on.” Robbie covered the microphone and looked at Charlotte.

She glanced at the other two. Jamie and Ellie nodded animatedly. They liked Henry, and wanted to spend more time with him.

Charlotte decided to go along with the kids’ wishes.

“Sure, Mr. Henry. Mommy said yes.”

Robbie was excited at the prospect of seeing Henry again. He could not wait to share what he recently learned at school.

“That’s great! I’m right downstairs. You guys take your time and get ready. I’ll go upstairs and fetch you guys later,” Henry said lovingly.

All color drained from her face when she heard Henry. He’s right downstairs? Their cab was about to reach home.

Charlotte turned around and was greeted by the sight of a Rolls-Royce parked right opposite her place.

Spencer helped the old man get off the car. Henry was grinning from ear to ear as he walked over to her building.

Charlotte signaled for the driver to stop.

However, the cab driver did not notice her signal and stepped on the pedal instead.

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