Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 436

Charlotte tiptoed into her home and put on her apron before getting to work in the kitchen.

She had to make breakfast for the triplets and also send some lentil soup to Mrs. Berry after everything was done.

Mrs. Berry was a big fan of soup, but due to Charlotte’s hectic schedule recently, she wasn’t able to cook that for her. Since she woke up earning the morning today, she finally had the time.

The doorbell rang at slightly past seven. Robbie was about to answer it when he heard the noise in the kitchen. He ran over and exclaimed in surprise, “Mommy!”

“Good morning, Robbie!” Charlotte offered her eldest son a sweet smile. “Go let the nurses in first. Mommy is almost done making breakfast.”

“Okay!” Robbie ran to the door and opened it for the three nurses. They walked in and were about to prepare breakfast for the triplets when Robbie proudly announced, “My mommy is making breakfast for us. It’s almost ready.”

“Your mommy works until late at night but gets up so early. It must be tiring.” The nurses sympathized with Charlotte. “We’ll go give her a hand.”

“It’s okay. Mommy is almost done anyway, but Jamie and Ellie still need help to wash up and get dressed.”

Robbie sounded every bit the older brother he was.


After Jamie and Ellie woke up and were told that Charlotte had made their favorite food, their faces brightened with joy.

Both of them washed up faster than usual and sat at the table, bubbling with excitement as they waited for their mommy to serve breakfast.

Charlotte learned everything she knew about cooking from Mrs. Berry, but Charlotte rarely stepped into the kitchen because the latter had always been around the last time. Now that Mrs. Berry was sick, she took it upon herself to find her way in the kitchen again.

“Oh no, Mommy’s hot cross bunnies aren’t as pretty as the ones Mrs. Berry makes.” Charlotte placed the hot cross bunnies on the table with an embarrassed look on her face. “They look slightly out of shape.”

“Yeah, some of the bunnies have missing ears.” Ellie looked at the hot cross bunnies in shock before smiling stiffly. “They’re earless bunnies.”

“Pfft!” Charlotte failed to stifle her laughter. “Okay, okay. Mommy’s sorry. Mommy will practice more from now on and next time, you’ll have perfect and cute little hot cross bunnies.”

“It’s okay. They still look cute to me.” Jamie picked up one hot cross bunny and bit into it, but coughed immediately after.

“How is it? Does it taste good?” Charlotte anxiously asked.

“It’s so salty…” Jamie spat it out and gulped down his glass of milk. “Mommy, did you accidentally put salt instead of sugar?”

“What?” Charlotte took a bite as well and flushed a crimson red. “I think so.”

“It’s okay! We can eat the mac and cheese.” Robbie quickly came to her rescue. “C’mon, Mommy made it herself.”

Under her brother’s urging, Ellie quickly spooned up some mac and cheese before putting it into her mouth. Almost instantly, her features contorted. “Mommy, the mac and cheese is so hard…”

“What? Really?” Charlotte leaned forward and saw that the mac and cheese was indeed undercooked.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll go cook it for a little bit longer.” One of the nurses hurriedly took it back to the kitchen.

“I’ll make some oatmeal! Oatmeal is easy.”

Charlotte hastily made some instant oatmeal and served it to them.

“Mm, it’s yummy.” Finally having some decent food, Ellie slurped on it happily. “Yum yum!”

“Yeah, it’s perfect. It’s not salty, and it’s cooked!” Jamie added solemnly.

Charlotte covered her face, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

“There isn’t enough nutrition in oatmeal alone. I’ll go cook some eggs,” another nurse suggested.

The third nurse chimed in, “I can make pancakes. I’ll make them right away since there’s still time.” With that, the three of them started whipping up a meal in the kitchen.

“Thank you, nurses…” The triplets were very well-mannered.

Ellie even put on a serious expression as she comforted her mother. “It’s okay, Mommy. You’ve gotten much better at this. Last time, you couldn’t even cook oatmeal, remember Mommy?”

“It’s because it’s instant oatmeal, so it’s a lot easier to make.” Jamie took a bite of his oatmeal before adding, “Mommy, you should cook your best dishes next time, just to be safe.”

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