Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 437

“Yeah! Mommy’s buffalo wings, beef lasagna, and grilled vegetables are all very yummy.” Robbie joined in to comfort Charlotte. “Oh, and also Mommy’s tomato soup and mushroom soup.”

“Alright, then. Thank you for not getting mad at Mommy.”

Charlotte did not know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, she only knew how to make those few dishes. In the past, Mrs. Berry would make the buns and cook the mac and cheese for breakfast beforehand. She only had to bake the buns and reheat the mac and cheese in the morning. However, everything went out of hand when she tried to make them from scratch today.

It seemed like she had a lot to learn.

After the minor hiccup, he triplets eventually finished their breakfast. Charlotte quickly went ahead to prepare their school bags for them.

Robbie’s eyes widened in bewilderment as he asked, “What are you doing, Mommy?”

“Don’t you need to go to school?” Charlotte smiled. “Mommy will take you three to school today.”

“But today’s Sunday,” Jamie looked at her in perplexity.

“Uh…” Charlotte was dumbfounded. Yesterday was Saturday. Right. What’s wrong with me today…

“Ms. Windt, you must’ve lost track of the days because of work.” One of the nurses smiled at her. “Jamie needs to go to our hospital for his follow-up today. Mr. Nacht will be there too.”

“We’re accompanying Jamie to the hospital. Mr. Henry wants to bring us to his house for a visit after that.” Robbie said seriously, “You should rest at home today, Mommy. We’ll bring food back for you tonight.”

“It’s okay. There’s enough food at home. Mommy will settle her own dinner.” Then, Charlotte gently reminded, “Mommy won’t be going with you kids today, okay? Mommy’s gotta visit Mrs. Berry at the hospital, then come home and rest for a bit before going to work.”

“Okay, Mommy. Take care of yourself.”

The triplets hugged Charlotte and kissed her smack on the cheeks.

It wasn’t long before Henry called from the car that was already waiting downstairs.

Robbie asked the three nurses to bring them down so that Henry wouldn’t have to come all the way upstairs. In fact, he was being considerate of his mother, doing this so she wouldn’t have to hide from Henry again.

Jamie’s pediatrician was already waiting at the door. After packing up, the nurses led the triplets out.

Charlotte waved goodbye to them. Seeing the happy looks on their faces, she became slightly emotional.

In the past, the triplets used to be very attached to her and would be disheartened if she didn’t come home at night.

Now that they had Henry caring for them, they were no longer as dependent on her. Whether she went out at night or worked during the day, the triplets would always be understanding toward her.

Henry didn’t only arrange for their treatment and daily needs, even their weekends were fully packed with activities.

Perhaps as their mother, she should be worried about this.

However, it was good that the triplets had a good relationship with Henry. Although they didn’t know the truth, blood was thicker than water after all. Hence, there would always be a sense of bonding between them nothing in the world could snuff out.

In the event that something were to happen to her, at least the triplets would have someone to rely on.

Hence, Charlotte wasn’t against her children spending time with Henry.

She tidied up the kitchen and ate something simple before taking a nap.

When she woke up at noon, the soup in the slow-cooker was ready. She transferred the soup into a thermos and also packed some sourdough bread before hailing a taxi toward Kindness Hospital.

Mrs. Berry was currently leaning against the headboard while watching some programs on the television. When the nurse brought food for her, she didn’t seem to have any appetite.

Right then, Charlotte breezed into the room. “Mrs. Berry!”

“Miss, you’re here.” Mrs. Berry’s mouth curved into a brilliant smile upon seeing Charlotte. “Aren’t you supposed to be spending time with the children at home? Why did you come here?”

“The kids have gone to the hospital for Jamie’s follow-up. There are three nurses accompanying them, so they don’t need me.” Charlotte took out the soup and bread, placing them on the table while saying merrily, “I made lentil soup for you and brought along some sourdough bread to pair with it.”

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