Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 438

“Thank you, Miss.” Mrs. Berry looked at the decently cooked soup, grinning from ear to ear. “The children said that your cooking skills have improved. I didn’t believe it at first, but now, it looks to be true. I have to admit, this soup looks very presentable.”

“Hahaha! Today’s breakfast was an epic failure though.”

Charlotte recounted the events from this morning with an embarrassed look on her face.

Tickled pink, Mrs. Berry bellowed with laughter. Then, she patiently taught Charlotte how to shape hot cross bunnies and make mac and cheese.

Charlotte listened attentively, going so far as making notes with her phone, vowing to whip up a decent breakfast for the triplets tomorrow.

Mrs. Berry looked at her with a relieved smile. “When I first fell sick, I was worried that without me at home, the triplets wouldn’t have anyone to take care of them. You’d have your hands full trying to do everything yourself, but seeing that you have it all worked out now, I finally feel at ease.”

“No, no. Everything at home is still very much a mess…” Charlotte held her hand with a flattering smile. “The kids and I want you to get well quickly and come home as soon as possible.”

“Okay, okay!” Mrs. Berry nodded as warmth enveloped her heart. “When I get better, I’ll go home right away. I even asked Dr. Langhan this morning and she said that I can be discharged in a month and a half’s time.”

“That’s great news. We can’t wait for you to return.”

Charlotte knew Mrs. Berry well. Only the feeling of being needed would give the latter a sense of accomplishment and contentment.

“Miss, you haven’t eaten yet, have you? Let’s eat together.”


The two were about to eat when an enraged voice coming from outside abruptly broke through the peace. “Why the hell are you stopping me? Don’t you know who I am? Get out of my way!”

Charlotte’s body instantly tensed up. That voice sounds so familiar…

“Ms. Blackwood, are you here to see Dr. Langhan? I’m call her here right now.”

“I’m not here for Dr. Langhan, so there’s no need to call her.”

The voice was accompanied by the sound of approaching footsteps. Before long, Sharon arrogantly walked into the ward.

Charlotte looked over her shoulder and her brows immediately pulled into a frown. What is she doing here?

“Turns out you really are here.” Sharon stared coldly at Charlotte. “If I didn’t happen to find out that your housekeeper is under Raina’s observation, I would’ve never been able to find you.”

“Whatever this is about, let’s go outside and talk.”

Putting down the utensils, Charlotte got up and walked toward the door. As far as she was concerned, Sharon was nothing but trouble and the last thing she wanted was to disturb Mrs. Berry.

“Why must we talk outside?” Sharon scoffed derisively. “Are you scared that others would know about your dirty deeds?”

“This is a ward, not somewhere you can just cause a scene.” Charlotte’s frown deepened. “Can’t we go outside and talk in private?”

“No. I’m not going anywhere…” Sharon gritted her teeth and cursed, “I want the whole world to know that you’re a shameless b*tch who stole someone else’s husband! You’re a homewrecker!”

“Who are you?” Mrs. Berry went purple with rage upon seeing Charlotte being bullied by an unfamiliar woman. “Stop throwing baseless accusations! Ms. Windt is innocent!”

“Innocent?” Sharon looked like she just heard the funniest joke in the world. “Old lady, you probably don’t know this, but Charlotte is a homewrecker. She seduced my husband…”

“You’re lying. That’s impossible.” Mrs. Berry raised her voice in anger, “Ms. Windt is a good girl. She will never do such a thing.”

“She’s nothing but a shameless sl*t!” Sharon yelled with eyes that burned with hatred. “First, she seduced Hector, breaking his marriage apart, then Michael was next, and now, she’s set her eyes on my husband…”

“Your husband?” Charlotte finally had enough of it and refuted, “Are you married to Zachary? No, so how is he your husband?”

“We’re getting engaged soon…”

“Soon, but not yet, right?” Charlotte cut Sharon off and yelled furiously, “And let me point out that he was with me first. If anything, you’re the homewrecker!”

“B*tch!” Sharon snarled and slapped Charlotte across the face.

Caught off guard, Charlotte staggered and almost fell onto the ground.

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