Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 441

“Ms. Windt,” the nurse greeted Charlotte before leaving the ward.

Only Charlotte and Mrs. Berry were left in the ward.

Charlotte walked over to hold Mrs. Berry’s hand as remorse crept into her heart. “I’m sorry for dragging you into my mess.”

“Silly girl. We’re a family, so I don’t want to hear you say such things again,” Mrs. Berry chided. Then, a scowl appeared on her face when she thought about Sharon. “I don’t have a good feeling about that girl. From what I could see, she’s nothing but an arrogant bully who enjoys hurting others.”

“But…” Charlotte wanted to explain the matter regarding Zachary and her, but she didn’t know where to start.

“You don’t need to explain your private life to anyone.” Mrs. Berry held Charlotte’s hand, patting it reassuringly. “I will always support the decisions you make because I believe that you’re a good girl and will never do anything bad.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Berry…” The elder lady’s words had tugged on Charlotte’s heartstrings.

“I’ve been thinking about who that girl’s father is. I seemed to have met him before, but I just can’t remember where.” Mrs. Berry tapped her head. “I know I’ve seen him before. I just know it.”

“He asked about my father just now. Maybe he had some business dealings with Dad in the past?”

Charlotte also found Taylor strange. The first time they met, he had stared at her and even asked Ben what her name was.

At that time, Charlotte thought that he wanted to avenge his daughter. But after she found him to be quite reasonable, she didn’t think he was a bad person. However, the questions he asked just now had thrown her off a little bit.

“I don’t think so.” Mrs. Berry shook her head. “Back in the days, I was only in charge of family matters and rarely went to the company. Mr. Windt never brought any business associates back home either, so if that man was a business associate, it was unlikely I would’ve met him.”

“That’s true.” Charlotte nodded. “Alright. Don’t push yourself to think too much about that. Rest for now. I’ll go buy something for you to eat.”

Mrs. Berry sighed dejectedly. “What a pity. You used such a long time to cook the soup, but I didn’t get to taste it at all.”

Her heart ached at sight of the lentil soup which was spilled all over the floor.

“It’s okay. I’ll make it for you again tomorrow.”

Charlotte ordered takeout for Mrs. Berry, making sure to choose the same food, lentil soup and bread. However, the soup didn’t taste as good as the one Charlotte made.”

Although she failed in making the buns and mac and cheese, she was quite good at cooking soup.

Most importantly, it was the thought that counted.

After eating lunch with Mrs. Berry, Charlotte stayed with her while her wound was dressed again and persuaded her to sleep before hurrying home.

She had two performances on that night. At first, it was only for a company anniversary party, but Felicity informed her last minute that she would have to perform at a wedding banquet as well.

Charlotte rushed home and changed her clothes, then hurried over to the venue for her first performance.

That night was Olivia’s off day, so she went over to assist her.

With someone by her side, Charlotte wasn’t as keyed up anymore.

Her performances ended at nine o’clock. After receiving her pay, she treated Olivia to some meat skewers at a nearby restaurant and also passed the treatment plan Raina gave her to Olivia.

Olivia read through it in detail and immediately made her decision. “Charlotte, please help me tell Dr. Langhan that I want to transfer my mother over and I’m willing to pay however much is needed.”

“Okay. I thought you’d say that anyway.” Charlotte nodded. “Don’t worry about the cost. We’ll figure it out. Our priority is making sure your mother gets treated.”

“Thank you.” Olivia was immensely touched by Charlotte’s goodwill.

“Don’t mention it, silly girl. We’re a family.” Charlotte smiled warmly. “Okay, tell you what. Come to Kindness Hospital tomorrow and I’ll introduce you to Dr. Langhan, then you can discuss with her about your mother’s condition and also let her take a look at your hands.”

“Okay. Thank you, Charlotte.”

After having supper, Charlotte rushed home with a thought in mind. Will Zachary be waiting downstairs at ten o’clock sharp like last night?

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