Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 443

“Ms. Windt, you’re back.”

The door to her house opened at that moment and two of the nurses came out.

“Amelia, Mildred. Thanks for all your help.” Charlotte greeted them. “Where’s Violet?”

“Violet’s waiting for Ellie to finish her milk. She’ll leave after that.” Amelia said with a smile, “Robbie and Jamie are all grown up now. They don’t want to drink milk anymore.”

“Hahaha! Yeah, they said real men don’t drink milk.” Mildred mimicked Robbie and Jamie’s voices.

“Those two silly boys.” Thinking of her children, a bright smile stretched across Charlotte’s lips.

“I’m done.” Violet came out just then. “Oh, Ms. Windt, you’re back. The triplets are all asleep now.”

“They slept a little later tonight because some people were moving things upstairs and it was quite noisy. It stopped only half an hour ago.” Mildred explained, “I think a new resident just moved in.”

Upon hearing this, Charlotte was even more certain that Zachary had indeed moved in upstairs.

He bought the unit next door for the nurses, and now he’s bought the unit upstairs as well?

What the hell is he up to?

“You should go in and rest now, Ms. Windt.” The nurses urged, then reported, “Jamie’s follow-up visit today went well. The medical report is on the dining table. You can take a look at it when you’re free.”

“Alright, thank you for your hard work today.” Charlotte smiled broadly. “I’ll make breakfast for the kids tomorrow, so you three can sleep in a bit.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll prepare a perfect breakfast tomorrow. No more mistakes.” Charlotte’s face heated up with embarrassment.

“Hahaha! Sure, the kids would be delighted. Goodnight, Ms. Windt.”


Charlotte returned home and picked up the medical report on the table. Jamie’s leg was recovering well. The doctor suggested that he recuperate for two months and go for his checkup on time each month.

There was also some takeaway food on the table with a note written by Robbie. Mommy, we brought this back for your dinner. Don’t forget to reheat it before eating.

Charlotte was touched by their children’s gesture. No matter where they went, they would never forget to bring food back for her.

She carefully pushed Ellie’s bedroom door open and peeked in to see her hugging her stuffed alpaca, already asleep. Her chubby belly moved up and down in tandem with her breathing. She looked like a princess under the decorative pink veil, quiet and well-behaved.

Charlotte quietly closed the door and went to the next bedroom to see that both Robbie and Jamie were already sound asleep. Jamie was still holding a Rubik’s Cube in his hand, while Robbie was holding a book. They even forgot to turn off the lights.

Charlotte crept into the room to turn off the lights, then covered them with their blankets before going out.

She moved the food on the table into the kitchen and changed into a set of comfortable casual wear. Putting on her slippers, she snuck out of the house again.

After making sure she locked the door, she took the elevator upstairs. Sure enough, Zachary was in his pajamas and holding a glass of red wine while leaning against the door waiting for her.

“You really moved here?” Charlotte still found it hard to believe.

“Do you have to ask?” Zachary pushed here inside.

Charlotte was shocked with she saw the furnishings in the house. “Did you move all your furniture here?”

“Obviously.” Zachary lowered himself onto the sofa, propping his feet on the coffee table. “I can’t buy any good furniture on such short notice. Even if I did, there’d be the formaldehyde issue, so I moved the furniture from my place.”

“Oh my God…” Charlotte spun in a circle as she gawked at her surroundings. “It looks exactly the same. Even the vases, the ashtray, the paintings…”

“Idiot.” Although Zachary was slightly annoyed by the silly look on her face, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. “This unit is only slightly smaller than two thousand square feet, so it can’t accommodate all of my things. I only moved some of it.”

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