Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 446

Charlotte came back with a cup of coffee in hand. Zachary had already finished his breakfast by then and took a sip of the coffee, nodded in approval. “Mm, not bad!”

“Finally, a compliment.” Charlotte sighed in relief. “So, it seems like I gained something from working in Divine Corporation. At least I learned how to make good coffee.”

“Look at you go.” Zachary ruffled her hair affectionately. “Alright, eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

“I can’t possibly finish all of this. You should have more.”

With that, Charlotte brought a sandwich to his mouth.

Zachary instinctively took a bite. Then, as if it was the most natural thing to do, Charlotte withdrew her hand and continued eating it. At that moment, they looked like they were an old married couple.

This subtle gesture struck a chord in Zachary. As he quietly watched Charlotte, he secretly made a decision.

“You’re going to the company today, right?” Charlotte did not notice the strange expression he was wearing, looking at her phone while planning his schedule. “It’s seven forty already. What time do you need to head over there?”

“It’s still early. Don’t worry.” Zachary wiped off the bread crumbs from her mouth, then handed her a cup of juice. “Drink some.”

“I can’t eat anymore.” Not having much of an appetite, Charlotte yawned and said, “I wanna sleep.”

“Go ahead.” Zachary pulled her into his embrace. “I’ll keep you company.”

“It’s fine. You have to go to the company soon, right?” Charlotte stood up to clear the table.

“No, I’m leaving at ten.” Zachary carried her into the bedroom.

“Zachary, I just wanna sleep.” Charlotte grew anxious. “Like really sleep, not the other kind of sleep…”

“Hah!” Zachary pressed her on the bed and deliberately frightened her. “I wasn’t planning on doing anything, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I seem to remember that we only had two rounds last night. It’s not enough…”

“No…” Charlotte thrashed against him in shock. “I’m bone-tired and really sleepy. Please, let me sleep for a while…”

“Idiot!” Zachary bit her ear lobe and hugged her against his chest. “Sleep then. I’ll stay with you.”

“No touching…” Charlotte turned around so that her back was facing him. It wasn’t long before she started to sound drowsy. “I’ll sleep until ten…”

“Okay.” Zachary kissed her ear and gently patted her shoulder, coaxing her to sleep.

Charlotte fell asleep quickly, curling against him like a baby.

Initially, Zachary planned to sleep for a bit as well, but his phone vibrated with an incoming call just then. He fished out his phone and when he saw that it was from Henry, he declined it without hesitation before sending a text. I can’t pick up the phone now. Is something up?

Soon, Henry replied: Come home this instant, you little brat!

Zachary replied: What is it?

Sharon has been looking for you for more than ten days and you’ve been avoiding her. What’s the meaning of this? She even came to see me, so come back right this instant!

I’m busy now. Let’s make it at night. I have something to tell all of you as well.

6 p.m. this evening. Sharon and Mr. Blackwood will both be here, so you better show up. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.


Following that, Zachary sent a message to Ben: Prepare all the evidence on Sharon.

Ben simply replied: Understood. He was flummoxed upon receiving a text message from Zachary. Mr. Nacht never liked texting. Why is he texting me his orders all of a sudden?

Though confused, he did as he was told.

After making the necessary arrangements, Zachary switched off his phone and put it away. Then, he wrapped his arms around Charlotte and closed his eyes.

It was raining outside, so the weather was chilly and very suitable for sleeping in.

The woman in his arms was soft and supple to the touch. Coupled with her sweet scent, she resembled a silent lullaby as he hugged her tight.

Shortly after, Zachary drifted off to sleep.

No matter how busy or troubled he was, as long as she was beside him, he would be able to sleep peacefully.

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