Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 447

Charlotte finally woke up in a daze, turning over and burrowing into Zachary’s arms out of habit. Nuzzling the crook of his neck, she reveled in the scent that was solely his, feeling especially warm on the inside.

“Hey.” Zachary had just woken up too. He stroked her hair and kissed the crown of her head. “Hungry?”

“A little bit…” Charlotte retrieved her phone from under her pillow. “Oh God, it’s twelve already!”

“Yeah.” Zachary took her phone away. “It’s time for lunch.”

“I’ll go make us lunch now.” Charlotte scrambled to get out of bed.

“Don’t trouble yourself. I’ll handle it.” Zachary pulled her back. “Let’s hug for a little longer.”

“Is it really okay for you to not go to the company?”

Charlotte felt uneasy. Back when she was at Divine Corporation, he rarely went into work this late unless the time he went for business trips.

“I’m the boss. My word is the law.” Zachary turned on his phone and dialed a number. “Arrange lunch and have it delivered here at one sharp.”

After ending the call, he cuddled with Charlotte again and naughtily bit her ear lobe. “I wanna eat you.”

“Stop messing around…” Charlotte drew back from him, avoiding his lips. “I should get up now. I have something to do later.”

“What thing?” Zachary held her chin, dropping a kiss on her forehead and cheeks.

“I…” Charlotte almost slipped up, stopping herself at the very last second. “I’m meeting a close friend for tea later.”

“Is there anyone else?” Zachary began to nibble on her neck.

“No, it’s just her…” Charlotte started moaning softly. “Stop it. I really need to get up now, and it’s a hassle to wash my hair.”

“Fine.” Zachary reluctantly released her. “Shower here. I’ll help you blow-dry your hair.”

“Okay.” Charlotte went to the master bedroom’s bathroom and was surprised to find that all her toiletries had been prepared. There was even a set of pajamas for her.

“I’ll go to the other bathroom. Wait here for me after you’re done.”

Zachary’s voice came from outside.

“Okay,” Charlotte replied, staring at the toothbrush in the pink ceramic cup next to Zachary’s blue ceramic cup which held his own toothbrush. They were a matching set which looked childishly cute.

Charlotte broke into a blissful smile because she never expected to see this side of Zachary.

Recently, he had been so gentle and warm that she could barely remember how he was when he lost his temper and became violent.

At that moment, all she could think of was Zachary’s thoughtful and loving side.

She seemed to have grown accustomed to this side of him.

In fact, she may have even fallen in love with him.

Charlotte looked into the mirror and asked herself. Are you really in love with him, Charlotte?

Lost in thought, the sound of her phone ringing brought her back to reality. She hurriedly ran out to answer the call. “Hey, Olivia.”

“Charlotte, don’t forget to meet me in Kindness Hospital at three. Oh and Ms. Fuller told me to remind you that the banquet at six tonight is very important, so don’t be late.”

“Got it. I’ll go straight to the hotel after meeting you at the hospital.”

“Okay. I’ll be on duty tonight, so I won’t be accompanying you. Remember to contact Ms. Fuller directly.”


With that, Charlotte ended the call and put her phone aside before going to the bathroom for a shower.

Her hair was very long, so it was especially tedious to wash.

While she was washing her hair, a figure walked in, giving her a big scare when she turned around. “Why did you come in?”

“To help you…”

Zachary hugged her from behind and scrubbed her body, gently biting down on her shoulder.

“You’re at it again. Stop it…” Charlotte whimpered helplessly, “How many times do you wanna do it in a day? My body can’t take it…”

“You don’t need to do anything. I’ll do all the work.” Zachary picked her up and ravaged her once again.

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