Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 448

Charlotte felt like she was going to die from exhaustion. Zachary was insatiable and often tired her out. Despite that, she could never resist him.

By the time the two of them came out, it was already two o’clock. Ben had been waiting outside for more than one hour and the food had already gone cold.

Right then, Ben tentatively pressed the doorbell.

Charlotte pulled her long hair into a ponytail and went to get the door. Realizing that Ben had waited until now, color tinted her cheeks.

“The food has probably gone cold. I’ll call the chef over to reheat it.” Ben was about to make a call.

“It’s fine. I can do it myself.”

As Charlotte spoke, Zachary came out of the room, wrapped in only a bath towel.

Ben immediately bowed his head and retreated.

Charlotte was so embarrassed her face flushed a scarlet red. She wanted nothing more than to dig a hole and crawl into it.

“We’re all adults. What’s there to be embarrassed about?” On the contrary, Zachary was as cool as cucumber.

“Don’t ever do this again.” Charlotte rolled her eyes at him and went to reheat the food.

Zachary drank a cup of black coffee and went to the room to get dressed. Checking his phone, he saw that there were two missed calls from Sharon. He ignored it and put down his phone before going outside to have lunch with Charlotte.

“I’ll be back late tonight. After you’re done with your stuff, come over to rest first.”

Zachary pulled her hand over and saved her fingerprint on his tablet.

“Fingerprint successfully registered. Welcome home!” An automated voice sounded from the tablet.

“This is…”

“Your fingerprint access.” Zachary put down the tablet. “From now on, you’re the lady of this house.”

“Lady of the house…” Charlotte murmured as warmth enveloped her.

Zachary caressed her face and tenderly said, “Wait for me tonight.”

“Okay.” Charlotte smiled tenderly at him, overwhelmed with happiness.

“I’ve gotta go now.” Zachary put down his utensils and got up to put on his coat. “Enjoy your lunch and take a nap after you’re done.”

“I’m done too. I’ll go down and change, then head out right after.”

With that, Charlotte adjusted his coat for him and walked him out.

Zachary kissed her head before striding into the elevator.

Charlotte could tell that he was busy, but wanted to spend more time with her.

After cleaning the table, she went home to change and rushed to Kindness Hospital.

Olivia had arrived earlier than their appointed time. Upon reaching, Charlotte brought her to meet Raina, who then explained her mother’s condition to her in detail and gave her some pertinent suggestions. After that, she took a look at Olivia’s hand.

Raina concluded that it wasn’t a serious injury and could be cured completely. However, because the best recovery window had passed, it would take more time for her to heal.

Olivia was over the moon. At first, she thought that she wouldn’t be able to play the piano for the rest of her life, but now, she was brimming with rekindled hope.

Raina prepared a treatment plan for Olivia, informing her to free up a month to receive treatment, then help her mother with the transfer procedures.

Charlotte waited for Olivia to settle matters here before leaving in a hurry. Felicity had repeatedly told her that the banquet on that night was of great importance and the performance fee was twenty thousand. Hence, she reminded Charlotte to be there on time.

When Charlotte reached the hotel, Felicity was already making arrangements for the banquet. Upon seeing her, the latter rushed her to go get dressed as she was had to perform at six on the dot. The performance would last for about three hours, so she had to be fully prepared.

Charlotte went to the dressing room and slipped on the attire they had prepared for her, then got her makeup done and officially appeared on stage.

Seeing as many important figures were invited, the banquet was very likely hosted by a wealthy family. The guests who came were either filthy rich or immensely powerful. Charlotte even spotted a few familiar faces among the crowd, which got her thinking.

Could the host be someone I know?

Right then, said host made an entrance.

Taking in the magenta-colored gown and the princess hairstyle, Charlotte’s eyes gradually widened as she realized that the stunningly beautiful host was none other than Helena Brown!

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