Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 449

Charlotte felt slightly uneasy. So far, she was thankful for the part-time jobs Felicity offered her. Hence, she never inquired about the specifics.

It had been a long time since Charlotte saw Helena. Truth be told, there wasn’t much conflict between them, but Helena held a grudge against her. And she had become extremely hostile toward Charlotte because of Hector.

Thus, Charlotte was disinclined to have any interactions with her.

Little did she know that she would run into her here.

Luckily, Charlotte had the foresight to wear a mask during her performance, so as to avoid unwanted trouble.

All she could hope was that Helena wouldn’t recognize her.

Before she could dwell on it, Felicity cued her from backstage, leaving her no choice but to begin playing.

Below the stage, many influential figures stepped forward to greet Helena, who enjoyed being the center of attention.

Charlotte’s performance garnered some attention and several guests asked Helena where she hired this pianist who possessed such extraordinary piano skills.

Helena didn’t take it seriously as she treated their inquiries as a compliment.

Soon, the male host of the banquet made an appearance. Helena personally welcomed him and introduced him to all the guests. “This is my boyfriend, Hector Sterling. We hope to receive everyone’s guidance and support.”

Charlotte turned her head to cast a brief glance, her hands on the piano slowing down slightly.

Hector? I can’t believe it!

He has just divorced Luna for slightly over a month, but he’s publicly together with Helena already?

Hector used to be the cherished love of her life, a refined and flawless man. However, his image in her heart was completely ruined at that moment.

Four years ago, he had abandoned her for the sake of his own future and family interests, then married Luna on a whim.

Four years later, he failed to manage his family well and had an affair, which led to the breakdown of his marriage and hammered his career.

And now, he got involved with Helena for some inexplicable reason.

His irresponsible character would only make him sail deeper off the edge and reach the point of no return.

Charlotte was utterly disappointed in him.

However, this was his own choice to make and she had no right to interfere.

Charlotte withdrew her gaze and continued playing the piano.

“The music is quite good.” Hector instantly took notice of the pianist on stage.

“Well, of course.” Helena held onto Hector’s arm intimately and proudly stated, “I spent a lot of time and effort on the banquet’s preparation.”

“You did a great job.” Hector gently kissed her forehead.

The two of them resembled newlyweds with how intimate they were with each other and several guests came forward to congratulate them.

Helena introduced Hector to each guest, trying her best to pave the way for him and offer him new business opportunities. Hence, she announced that the Brown family would be collaborating with the Sterling family on a development project.

This piece of information piqued the interests of many guests. Hence, they exchanged contacts with Hector and agreed to cooperate in the future.

There were also a small number of guests started a private discussion, whispering among themselves.

“The Browns’ business is growing rapidly. Ms. Brown is a woman from a wealthy background who has both looks and talent. Why did she fall for a down and out man like Hector Sterling?”

“I don’t get it either. Sterling Group is going downhill. If it wasn’t for the Browns’ support, it would’ve gone bankrupt by now.”

“Not only that, Sterling has a bad reputation as well. Four years ago, he trimmed his sails back when the Windt family went bankrupt and broke off the engagement with his childhood sweetheart cum fiancée. Four years later, he divorced his wife and is now leeching off the Browns. A shameless person like him doesn’t deserve to be a son-in-law of the Brown family.”

“Ms. Brown is young, so she might be fooled easily, but her father should’ve advised her against it. How could he leave his daughter unchecked?”

“Perhaps Ms. Brown is doing it behind his back.”

“We came here today out of respect for the Browns, but it turns out that Ms. Brown’s only purpose is to promote Sterling. I’m going to leave soon…”

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