Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 450

“I received another piece of insider information.” One of the guests cupped his mouth and whispered, “I heard the Sterlings offended the Nacht Group and was blacklisted by them.

“Is that true?” After hearing those words, other guests got excited and began to surround them.

“That was what I heard.” Frowning, the guest who revealed the information, continued, “I don’t want to offend the Nacht family. I shall leave now.”

With that, the man hurriedly left from the back.

The other guests who overheard the news were also preparing to leave when they heard an angry shout from the door. “Let me in! I want to go in! Do you know who I am? I am Mrs. Sterling.”

The woman was very loud, as though she was using all her strength to holler.

Charlotte’s piano melody abruptly paused again. Turning back, she realized that the person screaming hysterically while being held back by the security guards was Luna.

Dressed in an old-fashioned outfit, she looked like she had hastily applied her makeup and had messy hair. As she tried to barge into the banquet hall, the two security guards stopped her.

The more they held her back, the more agitated she became. She screamed so loudly that everyone present could only hear her voice.

With the scene she was making, the pleasant atmosphere changed.

As a result, Helena’s expression turned dark as she scowled.

The guests began to talk amongst themselves, and some even directly asked Hector, “Mr. Sterling, is that your ex-wife?”

“Mr. Sterling, did you get a divorce already?” Someone else asked.

All these questions made Hector flustered. Embarrassed, he shot Owen a look.

Understanding his message, Owen brought two bodyguards with him and wanted to take Luna away.

At that instant, Luna managed to break away from the security guards. She frantically rushed forward and roared, “Helena, you are a b****! How dare you steal my husband? I am going to kill you!”

Then, she pounced onto Helena while bearing her teeth.

The two bodyguards with Owen grabbed the attacker before she could do anything. No matter how much she flailed her arms and struggled, she could not get close to her target.

“We have divorced a long time ago, so you have no right to question my choices.” With a stoic expression, Hector snarled, “Don’t be an embarrassment here. Get out this instant!”

“You think I’m an embarrassment? Haha…” Luna broke out in a fit of laughter.

Even though she was laughing, tears were streaming down her face.

With a forced smile, she continued, “Why didn’t you think I was an embarrassment when I gave birth to your son? When I sold all my family assets to pay off your debt, was I an embarrassment too? Now that I am penniless, you decided to cast me aside and call me an embarrassment? Hector, you are a bastard!”

Listening to what she had to say, the guests started to cast suspicious looks at Hector. Some were even pointing their fingers at him, gossiping about his character.

Meanwhile, the color drained from Hector’s face as he was at a loss.

Immediately, Helena stepped forward and stood in front of Hector protectively. Angrily, she shouted at the other woman, “Luna, stop making a scene here. Both you and your mother had done so many shameful things. All I have to do is to pick one out randomly, it would be enough to sentence both of you to life imprisonment. Hector was soft-hearted enough to leave you a lifeline. Yet, you have been shameless and kept clinging onto him. How dare you try to slander him?”

This opposing argument changed the guests’ opinions again. Thinking that her defence for Hector sounded justified, they decided that Luna was probably spouting nonsense.

Besides, Luna’s reputation was not great either. Everyone had heard about how she had created scenes on various occasions before.

“Who are you to talk to me?” Luna bitterly glared at Helena. “You have been pretending to be a good person in front of me by providing me various help to mislead me. You made me believe that Hector was cheating with Charlotte. Therefore, I kept monitoring her movements. Now, I finally realized that he was actually having an affair with you, and the female in the video was you. You are really cunning! You have repeatedly tried to sow discord between Charlotte and me, reaping the benefits while watching us fight with each other.”

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