Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 451

As Luna spoke, Hector’s expression changed. He looked at Helena in shock.

“Hector, don’t listen to her. Clearly, she is spouting nonsense because she has something against me,” Helena quickly tried to explain. “Can you believe what she is saying?”

“Of course not. I believe you,” Hector assured Helena.

In such a situation, he would naturally take her side. Without further ado, he gave Owen a hand signal, indicating that he wanted his ex-wife to be taken away.

“Hector, how can you not trust me?” Heartbroken, Luna howled, “If you don’t believe me, you can always ask Charlotte about it. At least, you will believe her, right?”

Panicking, Helena furiously demanded, “What are all of you waiting for? Get her out of here immediately!”

Obediently, the bodyguards forcefully dragged Luna out.

Squirming in their grip, the woman cursed, “Helena, you are a despicable and shameless woman. I will kill you one day!” She paused before whining, “Hector, I gave up everything for you. How can you be so cruel? When Timothy grows up, he will never forgive you…”

Before she could complete her sentence, the bodyguards covered her mouth.

Despite that, she did not stop struggling. She had kicked off her shoes, and her head even knocked against the table. Unexpectedly, a glass on the table fell and crashed onto her head. Mixing with the wine from the goblet, blood began to flow down her face.

She looked embarrassing and pitiful…

Despite so, everyone ignored her.

Even the bodyguards continued to drag her away like she was a dead dog.

The scene was horrifying.

There were frowns on the guests faces.

No matter how terrible Luna was, she was still Hector’s ex-wife and the mother of his son.

After all, they were a couple once, so how could he be so cruel?

She might be mean and have many issues, but she had always been loyal to Hector.

Everyone else could cast Luna aside and shame her, but Hector should never do that.

For a long time, Charlotte felt conflicted and was speechless.

Logically, she should be happy to see Luna end up in this state after the latter tried to use various ways to hurt her. Yet, she could not gloat at Luna’s situation.

Instead, she pitied Luna and felt fortunate that she did not marry Hector then.

Otherwise, she might end up like her, being shamed in a public like this today…

As Luna had spoilt the party, many guests left quietly. Others exchanged a few words with Helena before giving an excuse to leave.

Within a short time, one-thirds of the guests had left the banquet hall.

Disappointed and crushed, Helena walked backstage with a grim expression.

There was a lot of tension in the air. Trying to save his relationships with his guests, Hector hurriedly went to every remaining guest to appeal to them.

Given the circumstances, the music had stopped too.

Felicity allowed Charlotte to rest at the backstage.

Coincidentally, Charlotte received Robbie’s call when she reached backstage. She only managed to exchange a few words before the violinists beside her started to gossip about what had happened.

Therefore, she had no choice but to continue the call outside.

She cooed, “Mommy is still at work, and my new job is to play the piano for others.”

“Yes, I do like to play the piano…” she answered her son’s questioned.

Before she could finish, she was stunned by the sight of something. In the parking lot not far away, she saw two bodyguards hurling Luna into the back of their van.

When the door opened, Charlotte clearly saw Helena in the backseat. The woman had a cold expression.

“Robbie, I have something to take care of. I’ll end the call here,” she quickly cut the call and sneaked closer to the vehicle to take a look.

In the parking lot, there were many luxury cars. Unlike those, this vehicle was in the area reserved for work use.

Hiding behind another car to spy on the van, she could not help but feel shocked at what she saw. Helena was slapping Luna.

As it went on, Luna’s arms were held in place by the bodyguards, and there was nothing she could do to resist. The victim could only resign to fate and receive the hits.

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