Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 458

“Don’t worry, we understand.” The three nurses nodded understandingly.

“I will not say anything either.” Ellie used her chubby little hands to cover her mouth.

“What should we do then? Do we sit back and do nothing?” Jamie asked uneasily. “I’m worried about Mr. Henry.”

“Me too…” Robbie lowered his head. “Mr. Henry treats us well. If he’s really sick, we should go and see him.”

“Don’t worry,” Charlotte tried to comfort her children. “I will try to find out about what happened. Once I confirm the news, I will arrange for all of you to visit him.”

“Okay,” the children nodded obediently.

“Alright, you should all eat breakfast first before heading to school.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

Then, Charlotte got changed and sent the children to the school bus.

As Jamie’s leg was still in a cast, the nurses followed them, so they could come back home together when school was over.

When Charlotte returned home, she took a while to think about what to do before she decided to call Zachary.

It was engaged.

She knew he was probably busy and did not want to bother him. Instead, she decided to talk to him after he returned home that night.

She proceeded to tidy the house and make some soup for Mrs. Berry. Then, she was about to take a nap when Simon suddenly called.

Pausing for a moment, she answered, “Hello?”

“Charlotte, do you have some time to spare? Can we meet?”

“I’m afraid, I’m a bit held up at the moment…”

She did not want to see them. Firstly, there was no need to do that. Secondly, she was afraid that they would misunderstand that she ditched Luna purposely, and they would want to take revenge against her.

“Don’t worry. We don’t have any ill intentions, but we only want to ask you some things in person,” the other person assured.

“I have already told the police what I know. You can ask them directly.”

“Give me your phone.” At that moment, she heard Amanda’s voice. The woman was trying to control her emotions and sound calm. “Charlotte, if you don’t wish to see me, it’s alright. I only want to ask you a few questions. You can answer me over the phone instead.”

Charlottes gave in. “Ask away then.”

“I already understood the situation from the police, and I believe what you said was true. Back then, when we mistreated you, you did not take revenge against us. Now, it’s even harder to believe that you would get someone to hurt Luna. After all, even if you wanted to, you would not be able to bring yourself to do that.”

“You sure understand me well.”

Charlotte let out a bitter laugh. If Luna had half of Amanda’s wisdom, things would not have gotten to this point.

“Regarding the incident, there are certain things that the police refused to reveal. I wanted to ask if you saw the people who dragged Luna into the van. Did they bully her there?” Amanda probed.


Charlotte felt like she was in a difficult position. She understood that the police wanted to protect the suspect’s identity before carrying out a thorough investigation of the matter. Therefore, they did not want to reveal the details.

As an eyewitness, it was not her position to disclose anything.

“It seems like the person who ordered it is someone I’m familiar with,” Amanda commented.

She was clever and could guess from Charlotte’s hesitation. Trying to sound her out, Amanda muttered, “Was it Hector?”

“No,” Charlotte immediately denied.

“Then, it must be Helena then,” Amanda used the same method again.

Charlotte was stunned. When she was about to speak, Amanda already confirmed her guess. “It was her! I knew that it was that sly b****! Our family has already ended up in this situation. Why can’t she let Luna off? Why is she so insistent on pushing her to a dead end?”

“You should calm down…” Charlotte quickly persuaded. “This matter has yet to be investigated. You should wait for the police to conclude it.”

“Calm down? How can you ask that of me?” Amanda howled. “My daughter was raped and suffered a huge blow. She can’t get pregnant ever again and is mentally unstable. Her life is over…”

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