Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 459

Hearing that, Charlotte felt bad too. Letting out a sigh, she murmured, “I’m sorry. If only I called the police earlier, things might have turned out differently.”

“Why didn’t you call the police?” Amanda agitatedly accused, “Why?”

“I wanted to report it when I witnessed the incident unfold. However, they spotted me and chased after me. Then, someone else appeared to stop them, so I thought it was over. I did not expect…”

“Someone came out to stop them?” Amanda picked up an important point and grilled Charlotte about it, “Why did you think that it was over? Was it Hector who appeared?”

“No, it was Owen…” Charlotte explained, “I thought that since they were a family once, Owen would save Luna. Besides, it was illegal to hold someone forcefully, and Owen would not allow that to happen…”

“A family? How were they a family?” Amanda wailed, “Didn’t you know that Owen hates Luna? He probably stopped them as a show for you so you would not call the police. After you left, he must have continued to punish Luna.”

“That can’t be true, right?” Charlotte was shocked. “Why does he hate Luna? Even if they had disagreements, he wouldn’t…”

“Forget it. I can’t be bothered to explain it to you.” Amanda was livid. “Charlotte, you should pray for good luck. If you don’t learn your lesson, someone as innocent as you will be bound to meet an unfortunate event!”

With that, Amanda ended the call.

As Charlotte listened to the silence on the other end, she thought about Amanda’s words and felt horrible…

Does Owen really have an issue with her?

Did he plan it with Helena?

Thinking back, Luna was arrogant and defiant. She never respected others and probably offended Owen back then. As such, he held a grudge against her.

This was not impossible.

Well, recalling the past events, she had known Owen together with Hector from a young age. In her memory, Owen was someone who was upright and righteous.

Even after she fell from grace, he still cherished their friendship.

Charlotte was unwilling to believe that he was a bad person.

However, from another angle, he only treated her like this because it was mutual respect. As for Luna, she was never polite to him. Often, she would insult him the moment she saw him, and it destroyed his self-esteem.

As such, it was probable that Owen would do this.

With that thought, Charlotte felt a chill down her spine. She thought back on Amanda’s words and realized that it made sense.

If she continued to think so innocently, others might easily betray her.

While thinking about it, her phone rang again. This time, it was an unknown number.

After a pause, Charlotte answered. “Hello?”

“I am Helena.” The voice on the other end sounded arrogant and stuck up.

“What do you want?” Charlotte answered in a very cold tone.

“Let’s meet and talk,” Helena demanded.

“We don’t have anything to talk about.” Charlotte could not be bothered to continue and was about to cut the call.

“Think carefully about it,” Helena sneered. “I know all about your family’s secret, including the letter your father left for my brother…”

Charlotte froze. “What do you mean?”

“Your father wrote about the person responsible for his tragic fate.” Helena proudly said, “If you want to know more, you should come to Silver Diamond Restaurant now. Don’t worry. I will not hurt you because I am a good citizen who abides by the law.”

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