Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 463

With the letter in her hand, Charlotte left in a hurry. She opened and read it after she reached home.

“Hope this letter finds you well, Michael. I decided to write to you because I can’t think of anyone else who can take good care of Charlotte.”

“We’re living in a dog-eat-dog world, and it can be cruel. This was why I’ve been steering Charlotte away from the business world.”

“I want her to live a carefree life, but I can’t be there for her anymore.”

“I’ve always been very fond of you because you’re a simple man with a pure heart.

“Unfortunately, we can’t control how someone feels, like how I, the father, can’t stop Charlotte from falling in love with Hector, even though I knew that’s a bad choice.”

“I can’t help her make life decisions. She has to experience it herself and find the best answer on her own.”

“I know I’m selfish for asking your help, but I have no other options. Please take care of Charlotte on my behalf!”

“Whenever she’s in trouble, please lend her a helping hand!”

“She’s the only person I worry about the most. I’m afraid people like the Nachts will take advantage of her when I’m not around anymore.”

“I hope my passing can bring all the hostility and resentment to an end. I don’t want the younger generation to suffer anymore.”

“I’d probably be gone by the time you read this letter. Please note that I decided to end my life of my own accord.”

“I have to do this to protect Charlotte.”

“Take good care of Charlotte for me, Michael. Please keep an eye on her and make sure she stays away from the Nacht family so she can live an ordinary life.”

Charlotte was utterly stunned. Michael had told her many times to stay away from the Nacht family, but all his warnings fell on deaf ears.

No wonder Michael had always been hostile toward Zachary and stirred up a lot of misunderstandings. Charlotte had always thought Michael acted in such a manner because he was jealous, but now, she finally knew there was more to this than meets the eye.

The Nacht family was Father’s arch-enemy?

The letter stated the rivalry between the two families.

His father even wrote that the reason he sacrificed his life was to protect her from the Nacht family.

What was it all about?

Charlotte could hardly breathe at this point. She clenched her chest and tried to calm herself down.

Instead of letting her emotions get the better of her, she started analyzing the situation more objectively. Business rivalry might not be the sole reason for all that had happened, she believed. Something else must have happened between the two families.

But what exactly is it?

Why didn’t Zachary tell me anything?

Unless he is not aware of it?

Charlotte unconsciously crumpled the letter. She thought for a while and decided to confront Zachary when he returned.

Yet, he did not come back.

On and off, Charlotte peeped out of the window to check if Zachary was home, but he did not appear.

Charlotte waited until three in the morning and accidentally fell asleep on the couch with a blanket in her arms.

At one point, a nightmare jolted her awake. She dreamt that Zachary pushed her father off a building. It was so terrifying that she broke into cold sweat.

She opened her eyes, looked around, and realized she was the only one at home. The clock struck six, yet Zachary was still not home.

Charlotte could not help but sent him a text: Are you coming back?

Zachary did not reply.

She sent him another text: Something happened?

Again, he left her hanging.

Perhaps Mr. Nacht is not feeling well, and Zachary had to take care of him.

I’m sure he’ll be back.

Charlotte kept the letter away and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for the children.

During breakfast, Robbie asked, “Mommy, I tried calling Grandpa on the phone, but his phone was off. We’re worried about him. Do you have any news about Grandpa?”

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