Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 465

Perhaps, Amanda had gone bonkers after learning about Luna’s misfortune. Since there were other ways to take Hector and Helena down, she could only expose everything to the world and fight to the death.

Since Luna had gone mad and would not know what was going on anyway.

Charlotte could not help but feel sorry for the Whites. If Helena really was the mastermind behind the rape, then she had gone too far. This was why Charlotte could somewhat relate to Amanda’s action.

Nevertheless, Charlotte believed Amanda was no match for Helena.

Amanda might outwit Helena, but she no longer had the financial means to take the latter down in the long run. On the contrary, Helena could easily crush Amanda at a snap of the finger.

If Amanda continued to play with fire, Helena would take action against her for sure.

“Charlotte? Hey!” Olivia raised her voice to get Charlotte’s attention.

“Yes?” Charlotte answered. “I still have to deliver the costumes to Ms. Fuller today.”

“You don’t have to send them over anymore. She asked me to tell you,” Olivia looked into Charlotte’s eyes and said, “Ms. Fuller said you’re a witness of the incident.

“Since you know both the victim and the aggressor, a lot of people even asked about you. Things have somehow spiraled out of control, so she said…”

“What did she say?”

“Ms. Fuller said she’ll have to wait for the buzz to die down before she considers hiring you again. She also wants me to deliver the costumes to her instead,” Olivia said sheepishly, “I tried talking to her, but she refused to listen.”

“I understand,” Charlotte responded with a wry smile. “Come to my place to collect the costumes when you’re free then.”

“I’ll come over now then. Don’t worry, I’ll try to find you another job, okay?”

“Thanks, Olivia.”

Charlotte ended the call and continued reading the news on social media.

The scandal had become the talk of the town now. Amanda must have dumped a lot of money to make the news go viral. She was willing to do everything to tarnish both Hector and Helena’s reputation.

Everything that had happened recently got Charlotte emotional, but there was nothing she could do about it. At this point, she knew she had to stay away from the mess.

While Charlotte was still deep in thought, Jeffrey called. “Hey, Mr. Judd!”

“Hi, Charlotte. I’m in Yaleview now. The factory is ready to operate tomorrow.”

“Glad to hear that!” Charlotte said, “Everything went well?”

“Yes. We’ve hired enough workers to start working on two big projects. I wanted to invite you to our opening ceremony tomorrow, but I guess you must be busy.”

“No worries. Go ahead without me,” Charlotte said with a grin, “I’ll go over once I’m done with my work.”

“Oh, yes. There’s something else I wish to discuss with you.”

“What is it?”

“Simon has three factories, right?” Jeffrey asked, ”He initially quoted me a total of seventy million for all the factories and your villa. But since I didn’t have that much money, I acquired only one of the factories. They didn’t sell off the remaining two.”

He continued, “But just a while ago, Simon called. He was willing to sell the two factories to me for ten million provided that the payment is settled at one go.”

Upon hearing that, Charlotte kept mum for a moment. Amanda and Simon are really giving everything up to seek justice for their daughter.

“This is a good deal. Your uncles are interested in taking up this offer, and they’re in the midst of raising money,” Jeffrey said, “I just thought I should get your permission before we proceed with the acquisition.”

“Go ahead,” Charlotte said without hesitation, “It’s great that you all are continuing my father’s business. I’ll call you again once I think of a way to raise money too.”

“All right.”

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