Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 468

“Why isn’t there any signal here? I want to give Mommy a call, Mr. Spencer.” Robbie lifted his head and gave Spencer a serious look.

“All the signals had to be turned off, Robbie, as we’re in a special ward,” Spencer explained in a gentle voice.

“What’s a special ward?”

Jamie looked around and became anxious when he realized there were bodyguards everywhere.

“It’s a special ward for Mr. Henry,” Spencer explained with a grin, “Don’t worry, all these uncles are Mr. Henry’s bodyguards. They’ll not hurt you.”

“Is Mr. Henry sick? How is he?’ Ellie tilted her head and asked, “Did the doctor give Mr. Henry a jab?”

“Yes, the doctor did that this morning.” Spencer smiled. “Mr. Henry woke up this morning. He knew all of you are worried about him, so he asked me to bring you here.”

“So Mr. Henry is okay? Phew.” Robbie heaved a sigh of relief, and he seemed a little more relaxed now.

“Can we see Mr. Henry soon?” Ellie pouted and fidgeted.

“Mr. Henry must be very tired. I must not ask him to bring us out anymore.” Jamie felt guilty.

“Mr. Henry loves spending time with all of you,” Spencer ruffed the back of Jamie’s head and said, “All right, kids. Before entering the ward, let’s put on the isolation gown first.”

“Okay, Mr. Spencer.”

With the help of the nurses, they put on the isolation gown, and each of them wore a mask. They then followed Spencer into the ward.

The moment the children saw a tall man standing beside the bed, they froze.

Upon seeing the children, Zachary knitted his brows. “Why did you bring them here?”

“Mr. Nacht missed them very much. He asked me to bring them here,” Spencer whispered.

“I guess he loves these kids more than his own grandson,” Zachary said aloofly and was ready to walk out of the ward.

The three children stepped aside when he walked past them as they were terrified of him.

“Am I a monster?” Zachary said with a deadpan expression.

Ellie let out a cold snort, made a face, and hid behind Spencer.

“This is how you express your gratitude after I’ve taken the trouble to piggyback you?” Zachary stood beside her and gently pulled her pigtail.

“Don’t touch my sister.” Jamie balled his tiny fingers to a fist and was ready to fight him.

Zachary let out a mirthless laugh and looked at Robbie, who, surprisingly, gave him a calm but sullen glare.

“Please don’t frighten the kids, Mr. Zachary.” Spencer could not help but step in. “They’re afraid of you.”

Zachary lifted a corner of his mouth and walked out of the ward.

A few specialists, who had been waiting outside the ward, greeted Zachary with a bow when he left. They then went to an office to discuss Henry’s health.

Meanwhile, Spencer brought the children to the bed. “The kids are here, Mr. Nacht. Mr. Nacht?”

Henry gradually opened his eyes and looked at the little ones.

“Mr. Henry…” Tears welled up in Ellie’s ears. “Mr. Henry, I’m Ellie! Can you see me?”

“I’m Jamie, Mr. Henry.” Jamie, too, was about to burst into tears, but he tried to control his emotions. “Are you okay, Grandpa?”

“I’m Robbie, Mr. Henry…” Robbie grabbed Henry’s hand and tried to speak steadily, “You promise to play soccer with us, so you must get well soon!”

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