Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 470

Spencer left the ward with the three kids. Robbie’s eyes lit up when he noticed that the smart watch had a signal again.

He immediately called Charlotte, but her phone was switched off.

With his brows furrowed, Robbie gave a try again. Yet, it was still the same.

“Robbie, Mommy’s phone is still uncontactable. Do you think she’s too tired and has dozed off?” Jamie moved over in his wheelchair. “How about we go home and tell her?”

“I agree with you.” Robbie nodded. “Looks like that’s the only way.”

“Mr. Spencer will accompany you home.”

Spencer made a gesture with his hand, and the three nurses carried the kids respectively into the car.

The kids were excited as the car headed towards Happy Avenue.

Just then, Amelia’s phone rang abruptly and she answered the call at once. In a split second, her expression changed as she asked nervously, “Is Ms. Windt all right?”

Upon hearing his Mommy’s name, Jamie turned pale and asked anxiously, “What happened to Mommy?”

Amelia shook her head at them as she continued to talk on the phone, “Alright. I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, she quickly reported, “It’s the call from the property management office. According to them, the elevator of our apartment building broke down this afternoon and straight away fell from the sixteenth floor…”

“Ah…” Upon hearing her words, Ellie panicked and burst into tears; her cheeks flushed red in an instant.

“How about my Mommy?” Jamie grabbed hold of Amelia’s hands and asked again in anxiety, “Anything happened to Mommy?”

“No, no…” Amelia shook her head at once.

“Jamie, Ellie, calm down. Let Amelia finish her words.” Robbie comforted his siblings and asked apprehensively, “Was Mommy in that elevator?”

“Try to calm down and speak clearly. Don’t scare them,” Spencer chimed in.

“Yes, Mr Spencer.” Amelia took a deep breath and explained, “Ms. Windt was not in that elevator, but one of her friends was in there. Fortunately, it was stuck at level three and didn’t go all the way down to the bottom. The one inside the elevator passed out and was immediately rushed to the hospital. They’re all fine and only sustained minor injuries.”

“What a relief that their Mommy was not in that elevator. Good to hear that the others are fine, too.”

Spencer heaved a sigh of relief and recalled Zachary’s reminder instinctively. Perhaps Mr. Zachary could foresee something bad would befall the kids and their mother? So that’s why he assigned me to bring them along with me?

Anyway, these three kids and their Mommy have been leading a simple and peaceful life. It’s impossible that they are on bad terms with anyone. I really wonder who has the heart to put them at risk.

No matter what, the kids’ safety is the top priority. I must ensure they are well protected all the time. If anything happens to them, Mr. Nacht would not let me off easily when he regains consciousness.

After pondering for a while, Spencer consoled the three kids, “Children, it’s not safe to go home at the moment. Let’s just stay temporarily at Mr. Henry’s place. I’ll get people to fetch your Mommy as well. Don’t worry about her.”

“Looks like this is the only way now.” Robbie tried to call his Mommy again, yet still could not get through. He knitted his brows and said nervously, “Mr. Spencer, I’m worried that Mommy is in danger. Can you please get someone to look for her?”

“Sure, no problem.” Spencer asked, “What’s your Mommy’s name? I’ll get people to look for her now.”


“My Mommy’s name is Charlotte Windt!” Ellie cut in even before Robbie could complete his sentence.

Still holding the phone, Spencer’s hand stiffened instantaneously. His eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Ellie stiffly and stuttered, “Y-your…her name is Charlotte Windt?”

“Yeah…” Ellie nodded and replied honestly, “My Mommy has a beautiful name, right? I can spell out her name for you…C-h-a-r-l-o-t-t-e, and ‘Windt’ ends with a ‘t’.”

“Eh…” Spencer was dumbfounded. He suddenly realized why Zachary was behaving weirdly lately.

Now I know why Mr. Zachary eagerly sent the three children home, took them to Fairytale Land to meet Mr. Nacht and assigned me to take good care of them…

No wonder…Charlotte Windt is their Mommy!

“Mr. Spencer, are you all right?”

Robbie looked at Spencer uneasily. He was actually hesitating whether to tell him their Mommy’s name, as she had reminded them not to reveal her identity to anyone.

Yet her name just slipped out from Ellie’s mouth when he was still hesitating…

Anyway, under this extreme circumstance, Mommy’s safety is the most important!

We have no choice but to mention her name. I hope Mommy will understand and won’t be angry.

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