Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 474

A few masculine men with ferocious eyes entered the room.

Charlotte was startled and stammered in fear, “W-what do you want?”

They did not say anything and continued to approach her with an ominous grin.

Charlotte held the vase beside her to smash it on the men, yet one of them grabbed her hand first.

In a blink of an eye, the man pounced towards her…

“Help! Help!…”

Charlotte was thrown onto the bed. The man took out his belt and lashed her hard with it.

“Ouch!…” Charlotte shrieked in excruciating pain. She struggled frantically, but another man held her tightly. He tied her hands and feet to the bed, laughing excitedly as if he was well entertained by Charlotte’s painful wails.

There was another man grinning hideously while recording a video of the scene by their side.

The man continued to lash Charlotte hard…

Charlotte’s dress was torn after a short while. She wailed in pain, yelling for help, yet nobody came to her rescue…

Meanwhile, Zara was sprawling idly on the bed with her eyes closed in another room, enjoying her massage session.

Charlotte’s high-pitched wails was melodious music for her.

Zara’s female assistant, Shirley, was showing her the video recording of Charlotte being lashed. Without glancing at it, she ordered placidly, “Send it to Zachary Nacht.”

“Noted. I’ll send it now.” Shirley sent the video to Zachary at once.

Within seconds, Zara’s phone rang. Shirley instantly reported, “It’s a call from Mr. Nacht.”

Zara gestured to her; she answered the call and turned on the speaker.

“Zara Nacht, I’m going to kill you!” Zachary bellowed on the other side of the phone with a murderous intent.

“Sheesh…” Zara said mockingly, “My dear nephew, cool down first. This is just an appetizer. The next video will be even more exciting…”

“How dare you!” Zachary roared fiercely, exactly like a lion ready to pounce on its prey.

“Haha…” Zara laughed sarcastically, “We’re all from the Nacht family. You know pretty well that we have no fear for anything, don’t you?”

Zachary remained silent just for a while and finally gave in. “Let her go. I’ll let you meet Grandpa.”

“Ah! That’s right.” Zara’s mouth lifted into a smile as she ordered arrogantly, “Let them stop at once. That woman is our beloved Mr. Nacht’s sweetheart. If anything happens to her, I won’t let any of you off easily.”

“Yes, Ms. Nacht.” Shirley nodded and darted towards the room.

In the room, Charlotte was in an unsightly state of gory mess. She was sprawling motionless on the bed; her voice croaky and her throat felt sore.

The three men had ripped off their clothes and were about to pounce…

At the eleventh hour, Shirley kicked the door open and yelled, “Stop it!”

“Since we’ve taken off our clothes, why not just let us have some fun?”

The men were reluctant to stop right away.

“Do you want to provoke Mr. Nacht?” Shirley warned them, “She’s Mr. Nacht’s woman. Do you dare to touch her?”

Upon hearing this, the men were overwhelmed and immediately moved aside.

“Get out of here!” Shirley snapped at them.

“Alright! Alright!” They stumbled out of the room hastily.

Charlotte lifted her head with great difficulty and tried to gaze at the woman standing at the door…

“Lucky you. Mr. Nacht gave in at the crucial minute just for you. Ms. Nacht is really satisfied, so you’re safe now,” Shirley scoffed at her. “Don’t worry, I’ve called the doctor to treat your wounds. We won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

She left at once after telling Charlotte this.

Charlotte sprawled on the bed feebly, too weak to lift any of her fingers. Feeling her eyelids getting heavier gradually, her mind drifted into a total darkness…

Within a while, a female doctor entered the room with two medical staff and tended to Charlotte’s wounds without hesitation.

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