Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 475

Zachary’s expression turned ferocious, almost crushing his phone into pieces.

Ben hurriedly calmed Zachary down. “I believe Ms. Nacht was just trying to scare you. She is aware of your powers and would never dare challenge you…”

Zachary gritted his teeth. “That better be the case. I’ll kill her if she lays her hand on Charlotte.”

Ben chose his words carefully. “Calm down. According to Bruce’s report, Ms. Nacht isn’t in H City, so she must’ve brought Ms. Windt to other places. It was no wonder we couldn’t find Ms. Windt.”

Beep! Beep! Zachary’s phone rang, and he saw it was an incoming call from Zara. “Don’t worry. It’s only minor abrasions. I’ve asked the doctor to treat her wounds.”

“Zara, you’ve gotten too far this time!” Zachary’s tone was murderous. He had a grim expression when he clenched onto his phone.

Zara scoffed, “Is your heart aching for her? You didn’t spare Chris when you beat him.”

“Let her go!” Zachary was reluctant to drag on the conversation, as the only thing he cared for was Charlotte’s safety.

“No problem. Let’s meet at the hospital entrance at seven tomorrow night.” Zara readily agreed while Zachary warned mercilessly, “I won’t spare you if anything happens to her.”

Zara said indifferently, “Rest assured. I’ve achieved my goal, so there’s no point in making her suffer. However, you’ll have to fulfill your promise. Otherwise, I have plenty of methods to torture her.”

After she finished her sentence, she hung up the call. Meanwhile, Zachary was so angry that his hands were trembling.

It was at that moment Bruce came into the room to report to him. Without warning, Zachary gave the former a punch in the face.

Bruce lost his balance and fell to the ground with a loud thud while blood gushed out of his nostrils and mouth.

“Mr. Nacht, please calm down. Bruce is doing his best in tracking down Ms. Windt’s position.” Ben hurriedly advised as he stood in front of Bruce while the latter slowly got up from the ground and lowered his head silently.

Zachary gritted his teeth and growled, “Didn’t I tell you to send some men to protect her? Why did she get kidnapped?”

Lowering his head, Bruce said, “I followed your orders and sent Marino and the others to protect Ms. Windt in secret. They found out somebody has sabotaged the lift and went to take care of it. They were able to repair it in time, so the lift was stuck on the third floor and didn’t fall all the way down to the lowest level.”

Looking at his blood dripping on the ground, Bruce continued, “And that was why Ms. Windt’s friend could escape unscathed. Afterward, Marino and the others were worried that the three kids would be in danger, so they looked into the lift incident to capture the culprit.”

Deeply ashamed of himself, Bruce explained everything to Zachary and asked for a punishment to ease the guilt in his heart. “Unfortunately, Ms. Windt was kidnapped when they had their hands full on the investigation… I have failed you, Mr. Nacht. Please punish me.”

Zachary bellowed, “Scram!”

Bruce lowered his head and left the room without making any noise.

Ben wanted to say something, but he didn’t have the courage to do so.

Right then, a maid came into the room with a bottle of red wine and a glass. When she saw Zachary’s grim expression, her body started trembling and she almost knocked over the wine bottle.

Zachary frowned, and when he was about to lash out at the maid, his phone rang. Looking at the screen, it was Spencer.

Suppressing his anger, Zachary answered the call and said, “Hello?”

Spencer said, “Mr. Zachary, sorry to disturb you. The kids want to know about Ms. Windt’s condition. After the lift incident that day, their mother went missing and I’ve sent men to look for her, but there is no news of her.”

He continued after looking at the three kids, who were looking back at him. “The kids are staying with Mr. Nacht. Although they are safe and have no problems living comfortably, they are too worried about their mother that they could not eat and sleep well. Ellie was weeping bitterly, so Robbie asked me to contact you.”

Spencer chose his words carefully because he knew Zachary was in a foul mood. Initially, he didn’t want to make this call, but he couldn’t turn a blind eye to the kids’ pleas, so he could only brace himself and did it for them.

Zachary lowered his voice and replied, “Tell them that their Mommy’s doing fine and she will be back after two days.”

“Yes…” Before Spencer could finish his words, a kid’s voice sounded from the other end of the call. “Mr. Spencer, please let me talk to him.”

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