Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 477

Ben left the study while the maid quickly followed the former out of the room after serving the juice and desserts.

When the door was closed by Ben, Spencer, who was waiting outside, asked softly, “What’s the situation?”

Ben held in his urge to laugh and replied, “Mr. Robinson asked me to leave them alone. This kid has so much dignity. If only…”

He almost blurted it out. If he didn’t know Robbie was Michael’s son, he could’ve mistaken the child as Zachary’s son instead.

Spencer smiled. “Haha! Of course. Mr. Nacht likes him the most. He’ll be a successful man in the future.”

“I’m so curious. What does he want to tell Mr. Nacht?” Ben was hungry for gossip.

Spencer couldn’t help but sigh. “Most probably the matter regarding his mother. It’s not easy for him. He’s only three years old, but he’s so brave… Hey! What are you doing?”

Ben was pressing his ear against the door to eavesdrop on the conversation inside the room.

“What do you want to tell me?” Zachary swirled his wine glass as he looked at the child.

“Are you Mommy’s boyfriend?” Robbie sat on the sofa with his back upright.

Zachary was slightly taken aback as he raised a brow. “Your Mommy told you?”

Robbie shook his head and analyzed, “She didn’t say anything. However, she always has an unnatural expression while her eyes lit up when she mentioned you every time. She even blushed sometimes.”

“Oh…” The image of Charlotte being embarrassed surfaced in Zachary’s mind when he listened to Robbie’s description. That woman never hides her emotions. It’s so easy to tell what she’s thinking.

Robbie asked, “You’re the one who moved into the unit upstairs, right?”

“How do you know?” Zachary was very curious. Is he only three years old? I’m only as smart as he is when I was six years old.

Robbie reasoned, “Ever since you moved in, Mommy always prepares another set of breakfast and the quantity of the food is large. Although she is used to giving presents to the neighbors in the past, she put extra care into the food she prepares for you.”

Robbie pondered for a while and said, “Plus, I saw your car and some bodyguards coming in and out of the house, so I guess you’re the one who moved in.”

“You’re very smart!” Zachary smiled and poured Robbie a glass of apple juice. “Your Mommy always prepares apple juice for me. Do you guys like it?”

“Ellie likes apple juice.” Robbie nodded and explained, “Jamie and I like grape juice, but grapes are too expensive, and Mommy seldom buys it, so we drink apple juice instead.”

Zachary didn’t say anything. I never knew… She even saves money from the fruits she buys.

He poured a glass of grape juice for Robbie.

“Grapes are expensive, so I choose not to eat them. If we can’t afford toys, it’s fine because we don’t need them…” Looking at the grape on the glass, Robbie’s childish voice was laced with bitterness. “We were poor in the past. Although we stayed in a tiny house, we were happy together.”

“What are you trying to say?” Zachary lifted his head to look at the child.

Robbie wore a serious expression and asked, “Do you love her?”

Zachary raised a brow at Robbie. “Do you know what love is?”

“Of course. If you love someone, you’ll protect her, care for her and be considerate. Besides, you won’t hurt her even if you got mad in arguments.” Folding his arms, Robbie answered earnestly without a hint of hesitation.

His words made Zachary fall silent. I protected Charlotte and cared for her. However, when we argued, I couldn’t control my emotions and hurt her…

“Sometimes, Mommy is angry at our wrongdoings. She’ll reprimand and reason with us, but she never beat or hurt us. I’m sure this is love.” Lifting his head, Robbie looked at the adult in front of him and cut to the chase. “Do you know where my Mommy is?”

Uncrossing his legs, the man furrowed his brows and said, “You’re saying that I captured her?”

This child has such impressive logical thinking. He was beating around the bush to lead me to this question.

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