Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 478

Robbie frowned and eyed the adult anxiously. “My impression of you has always been brutal and intimidating… Did you fight with Mommy? Is that why you locked her up?”

Zachary took a sip of his wine and replied, “We didn’t fight, and even if we did, I wouldn’t lock her up.”

So that’s why children are afraid of me. I’ve been giving off a bad impression.

Robbie pressed on, “Then where is she right now?”

Zachary evaded the serious matter. “She’s in another city, and she’ll be back tomorrow night. Don’t worry. I’ll ensure her safety.”

“Can I trust you?” Robbie was still worried.

“I swear.” Zachary’s lips curled up as he wanted to win over the child’s trust.

“Then that’s great!” Robbie heaved a sigh of relief as he drank the grape juice. Then he placed the glass down and excused himself politely. “I have to go. Thanks for the treat.”

The child was so young, but he had good manners. His every move gave off a gentleman-ish impression and infected the arrogant and cold Zachary.

He placed his wine glass on the table and stood up to send the child off. “Don’t worry and stay at your Mr. Henry’s house. Your Mommy will come for you guys after a few days.”

Robbie bowed at the adult to show his respect. “Thank you. I enjoyed our talk today. I think I have a greater understanding of you now.”

“Hehe! My pleasure!” Zachary smiled.

Robbie moved his short legs and slid down from the sofa, while Zachary went to support him subconsciously.

Hand-in-hand, the two of them exchanged a glance and curled their lips, smiling at each other.

Robbie’s smile moved Zachary, and for some reason, the latter felt a sense of familiarity toward the child.

“Goodbye.” Robbie turned around and left after giving Zachary a smile.

The door of the study opened, and out came the two of them. Spencer bowed at Zachary before leaving with Robbie.

The adult stood in the corridor on the second floor and watched them leave.

When Robbie was about to exit the main hall, he turned around and waved his hand at the man.

Zachary waved back subconsciously with a wide smile on his face.

After Robbie left, Zachary retracted his gaze from the main entrance. It was right then he finally noticed Ben and the others were widening their eyes in surprise, as they had their mouth agape, all the while staring at him.

They had been serving Zachary for ten years, but he had never shown his friendly side to them.

He is acting so friendly toward a child!

What’s going on today?

Heading toward the study, Zachary returned to his usual self, and his expression changed from amiable to icy cold in an instant.

Ben walked toward him and asked nosily, “Mr. Nacht, what did you guys talk about?”

“Busybody.” Zachary rolled his eyes at him and got ready to continue his work.

Suddenly, the butler rushed into the study and asked anxiously, “Mr. Natch, did you drink the grape juice?”

Confusion arose in Zachary’s mind as he saw the reaction of the butler. “I didn’t. What’s wrong?”

“That’s a relief.” The butler heaved a sigh of relief. “When the new maid prepared the grape juice, she added some peaches to lift the sourness, but she didn’t know you’re allergic to peaches. I was worried, so I came in a rush. That really scared me to death.”

“Thank goodness you didn’t drink the juice.” Wiping off his sweat, Ben reprimanded, “You’ll have to train and explain everything clearly to the new maid.”

The butler nodded profusely. “Yes. I’ve gathered them for a meeting, and I’ll explain everything to them. There won’t be another mistake next time.”

“You can go now.” Ben waved his hand dismissively.

After cleaning up the table, the butler lowered his head and left the room.

Zachary sat at his desk. Right when he was about to go through the documents, Spencer called him. “Mr. Zachary, what did Robbie eat at your place?”

“He drank some juice. Why?” Zachary took his pen to sign the documents after giving them a detailed read-through.

“After getting on the car, Robbie felt uncomfortable, and he vomited a lot of green liquid. There are rashes on his face and neck…” Feelings of worry consumed Spencer as he spoke in a rushed tone. “Mr. Zachary, you can’t do this to a child even if you’re mad about something. Mr. Nacht likes this child the most. If something happens to him…”

Zachary immediately interrupted Spencer and gave his orders in a hurry. “He’s allergic to peaches. Send him to the hospital now!”

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