Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 479

Spencer was stunned for a moment. Then he quickly replied, “Alright. I’ll send him to the Serene Hospital now.”

“Go to Kindness Hospital instead. I’m heading there.” Zachary sped toward the door of his study while talking on his phone.

“Yes.” Spencer immediately called the driver to prepare the car.

After hanging up, Spencer hurriedly instructed, “Go to Kindness Hospital, now!”

Zachary returned to his room and changed into a new set of clothes. Running down the stairs, he called Raina. “A child has an allergic reaction and is heading toward your hospital. Wait for him at the entrance.”

Raina replied, “Yes…”

Zachary added, “He is Charlotte’s son, so you should be the one to treat him.”

“Understood.” After listening to Zachary’s orders, Raina got ready as she left for the entrance.

Zachary hung up before getting into the car, while Ben and the bodyguards followed him.

The car sped away toward the Kindness Hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Ben asked, “That’s strange. Why does the child have the same allergy as you?”

Wearing a grim expression, Zachary only frowned and said nothing in return.

“Could it be…” Ben had bold speculation of the whole matter, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Zachary urged, “Drive faster.”

“Yes,” the driver responded and stepped on the accelerator.

Suddenly, Zachary turned to Ben and instructed, “I want you to find out the kids’ date of birth and their blood types.”

“Yes, sir.” Ben immediately made some arrangements to look into the kids’ information.

At that moment, Zachary’s phone rang, and he immediately answered the call. “Spencer.”

“Mr. Zachary, We’ve arrived at Kindness Hospital, and Raina is attending to the child.” Spencer sounded restless. “Mr. Nacht asked me to return. When will you be here?”

“I’ll be there after five minutes, so go ahead,” assured Zachary.

Spencer was overwhelmed by fear, and he panicked. “I’m still worried… Mr. Nacht likes the kids very much, especially Robbie. If anything happens to him, it will be the death of me!”

“You’re overthinking. I won’t harm a three-year-old no matter how brutal I am.” Zachary knew what Spencer was getting at.

“That’s great… That’s great.” Spencer let out a sigh of relief and reminded, “Mr. Zachary, I’ll be back real quick.”

“Go.” Zachary grew impatient as he felt Spencer was a tad too naggy.

At the same time, he could comprehend how much Henry liked the kids to make Spencer believe he would be dead if anything happened to the kids.

Although the elderly loved to be around kids normally, Henry wasn’t the average old man. Besides, he had met many kids before.

Despite Charlotte’s kids were adorable, the adoration Henry had for the three kids was quite unusual.

In the past, Zachary thought Henry was getting more and more emotional as he aged. However, now that he thought about it, an idea popped up in his mind. Could it be… Family ties?

The thought flashed across his mind, and he was stirred up.

At that moment, he received a call from Raina. “How’s the child?”

“It’s not a serious problem as it’s just a normal food allergy. I’ve given him an injection, and he’s asleep now.” Raina paused for a second and lowered her voice to avoid waking the child up. “However, he’s stirring in his sleep, always calling out to his mother. Has something happened to Ms. Windt?”

“No…” Zachary didn’t wish to talk about it, so he changed the topic. “Is there a lab for DNA testing?”

Raina froze for a while and answered quickly, “Yes.”

“I would like to do a DNA test with the child.” When Zachary was talking on the phone, the car had arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

He immediately got off the car and sped up to meet Raina.

“Yes, sir.” After hanging up, Raina took Robbie’s blood sample when he was asleep and took Zachary’s when the man arrived.

“I’ll wait here. Go ahead with the test,” Zachary instructed in a serious tone.

“Yes, sir.” Raina took their blood samples to the lab for a DNA test.

Ben’s heart started racing when he looked at Zachary’s grim expression.

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